Aluminium windows, doors in Kenya

Aluminium windows, doors in Kenya

In the past few years aluminium doors and windows have become very popular among home owners in Kenya.

The reason is obvious. These products offer numerous benefits and very few disadvantages compared to their wood counterparts.

These benefits include:

1.) Strength – Aluminium doors and windows are strong and do not get destroyed easily. Thanks to the astounding strength of aluminium, manufacturers are able to create many designs out of it – exceeding the expectations of home owners who have unusual tastes for designs.

Aluminium windows, doors in Kenya

2.) Durability – The doors and windows are not only strong, but they are long-lasting since they are not prone to temperature variations, moisture, warp and crack. This is a big advantage over wooden windows.

3.) Less expensive – Aluminium, being the third most common element on earth, is cheap as a raw material. Windows made of aluminium cost less than glass windows and are easy and cheaper to maintain.

4.) Light weight – Though incredibly strong, aluminium is very light and aluminium window frames are therefore lighter compared to wooden or steel window casings.

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5.) Stylish – Today’s home owner is very keen on stylish, aesthetically pleasing windows. Metal window frames are not only stylish but they instantly give your home the desired sleek and modern appearance.

Unfortunately, aluminium doors and windows are poor in shielding the interior of a building from high or low temperatures. However, this can be managed by adding some materials in the window to make it more energy efficient.