How to Improve Security on Your College Campus

It is impossible to keep track of each and every student on a college campus, therefore increased security is vital. The most pressing topic is how to improve security on college campuses, as well as how to determine whether the current security in place is effective.

3 Steps to Enhanced Security

Because most campuses are part of a much larger community, establishing close contact with local law enforcement, first responders and on-campus police is critical.

When an emergency happens, authorities need up-to-date campus maps and building blueprints to respond quickly and effectively.

Creating a chain of command is the first step toward successfully securing your campus. From small campuses to large universities, a security team can be a defining moment in a moment of crisis.

A risk assessment of the entire college grounds is the best way to determine if your campus is using the most effective security technology.

A complete risk assessment analyzes:

How to Improve Security on Your College Campus

Preparation is essential, and information is the cornerstone of preparation. Gathering and organizing all of your knowledge and data sets will enable you to make well-informed decisions.

A thorough risk assessment will provide you with a better understanding of your campus and can help prevent incidents from occurring in the first place.

Flickering lights may not be placed at the top of your security priority list, but it is a minor detail that can greatly impact the occurrence of crime on campus. Well lit areas are proven to reduce crime rate, and also are necessary to obtain good security footage from existing security cameras.

It can be difficult to keep track of who is entering and exiting college buildings. With access control systems, only those with an authorized card or fob would be able to access secured areas.

Monitored security cameras can prevent crimes from happening in the first place. If an incident occurs, they also provide an opportunity to gather evidence to understand the event, and prevent it from happening again.

Security lights, cameras, on-campus police and access control systems all have their place in a well-rounded security plan. However, these security measures overlook the event of forced entry and need to provide a physical barrier to prevent break-ins.

Riot Glass, Inc’s new Gen II framing system is designed to be easily implemented on existing glass structures. This system is an affordable way to strengthen your windows and glass doors with almost no visible change.

Better Preparation Leads to Crime Prevention

More than 80% of college students are worried about their safety as they return to campus this year. It is the university’s responsibility to ensure that their students are comfortable and safe.

The responsibility of protecting college students, faculty, staff, and visitors is a massive undertaking.

It is impossible for one person to do everything; it takes the combined efforts of many. Riot Glass, Inc.’s security systems are the result of more than 30 years of experience in access control.

Your campus’s glass doors and windows should not be its most vulnerable points. With Riot Glass, Inc, your campus is protected 24/7.