10-bed semi-detached home for sale for £750k in former wing of a country mansion

10-bed semi-detached home for sale for £750k in former wing of a country mansion

It's not every day you find a property for sale that is actually one of Wales' most important and historic houses, and not just your average mansion either, but one visited by royalty.

Grade II* listed Trawsgoed Mansion is actually a semi-detached house - and a very grand one at that - and according to the estate agent selling this exceptional property, it is located in the principal wing of a once majestic estate known as Crosswood Park.

This estate was originally one property with sprawling 40,000-acres of land, belonging to the Earl of Lisburne, originally known as the Vaughan family.

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Now Trawsgoed Mansion offers a new owner a slice of a Welsh history with past famous guests to the impressive house including Kings Edward VII and Edward VIII, and prime ministers Sir Winston Churchill, Stanley Baldwin and William Gladstone.

As well as at least 10 bedrooms and an array of reception rooms, there's almost 10 acres of the estate a new owner can call their garden. How many semi-detached home owners can say that and claim a royal seal of approval?

The mansion was listed in 1996 as 'the principal country house of the county, with elements of architectural quality from the 17th century to around 1900; especially notable the fine library of about 1840 with 1900 added decoration'.

But the site itself, within the glorious Ceredigion countryside near Aberystwyth, is said to be much older and originally the location of a grange of Strata Florida Abbey, former Cistercian abbey near Tregaron, which was founded in 1164.

The surrounding granges were outlying, mainly agricultural, landholdings which provided food for the monastic community.

But the site was turned into a seat of splendour when the Vaughan's built the mansion in the 17th century.

Since then some changes have occurred such as the reversing of the main entrance to create the stunning lime tree lined, grand entrance to impress visitors to the site.

Who isn't totally impressed by a stone columned entrance and a crest emblazoned on a home's facade?

The house has welcomed royalty and prime ministers, as well as the gentry of the area, and surely compared favourably to other posh pads visited by these famous and influential guests.

But the rear of the house is breathtaking too, with a curved central section boasting floor to ceiling arched windows and French doors out onto the landscaped gardens and decorative iron balconies on the first floor. Stunning.

The symmetry of the windows and doors on both beautiful sides of this building is visually pleasing and oozes character - but step inside and the charm is there to greet you too.

A huge and robust carved staircase sets the scene for a multitude of surviving features to notice.

From marble fireplaces to wall panelling, from fine decorative ceiling plasterwork to chunky ceiling beams and coving, from wide doorways with original panel doors to more intricately carved fireplaces; there's so much to discover and admire inside this splendid abode.

But there's one room at this historic house that will take your breath away and keep it for at least a few seconds - the library.

10-bed semi-detached home for sale for £750k in former wing of a country mansion

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During the 1900s one of the top interior design firms of the era, Maples & Co., was brought in to perform a two-phase decorative embellishment - sounds very fancy, and it was.

This design work included a baroque library with ornate gilt and plaster dome ceiling, which is considered to be one of the finest examples of an Empire-style salon in the country.

Today, the library is surely the brightest jewel to survive within this gem of a Welsh property.

Over the three floors there are so many rooms to choose from for sleeping, socialising, working and playing - what a new owner decides to do with each space is up to them, but the potential at this property is obvious.

Managing director of Fine & Country West Wales says: "There are numerous potential opportunities for clients to either live residentially or develop the property into a commercial venture subject to the relevant planning permissions.

"This incredible property could easily lend itself to a partial Airbnb, a boutique hotel or even a wedding venue.

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"The gardens are very special too, almost 10 acres with over 300 specimen trees planted over a period of 150 years, with some dating as far back as the 1860s."

There are formal gardens, a grand fountain, woodland areas, a tennis court and a Japanese style summer house. In fact the historic areas of the garden are so special, they have a listing too - Grade II.

Nigel says that the present owners have worked hard to partially renovate the mansion but are now moving to be closer to family, so the manor is looking for a new lord or lady of the manor to finish the work they have started.

He says: "The current owners have started to restore the principal staterooms to reflect their historical significance and rich architectural detail.

"The property is now to be finished off by the next owners of the home with a huge amount of work having been accomplished already."

There are rooms updated for modern living on the top floor so there's no need to brave an onsite caravan to continue the grand work the current owners have already done.

Obviously as the house is Grade II* listed, renovations need to be in consultation with the local authority's conservation officer.

And then it's up to you - use some or all of it as a commercial venture, subject to planning permission and listed building consent, or be understandably greedy and keep it wholly to yourself as surely the best semi-detached home in the country.

This wing of Trawsgoed Mansion is on the market for offers in the region of £750,000 with estate agent Fine & Country West Wales, give them a call on 01974 299055 to find out more.

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