How to Wrap a Gift: Step-by-Step Guide

Wrapping a gift can be tricky for most people. The art of covering a box with paper is quite a difficult skill to master. Custom packaging bags may do the trick but you still need to do more so that the gift will end up pleasing to the eye.

But look no further because we have the answer to all your queries. We listed the step-by-step procedure on how to wrap a gift.

The Process of Wrapping a Gift

Follow the steps and you will be able to slowly develop the know-how and the expertise in wrapping a gift.

Prepare the items that you need

You first need to get the items that you will use to wrap the gift. Prepare the following:

• Wrapping paper

• Scissors

• Gift

• Box

• Ribbon

• Double-sided tape

• Ornaments (depending on the occasion)

Make sure to put them all on one side so that you can easily reach for them as you do your gift wrapping.

How to Wrap a Gift: Step-by-Step Guide

Cut the wrapping paper

If the gift already has a box container you can directly place it in the middle of the wrapper. If not, it is best to put the gift inside a moderately-sized box. This is done to give an appealing shape to the gift.

The wrapper must be suitable for the event that you are having. A nice white wrapper is always a nice good-for-all occasion color. A red wrapper is usually used during birthdays and weddings. You can also purchase ready-made wrappers with themes from your local store. 

How to Wrap a Gift: Step-by-Step Guide

Fold the wrapping paper over the box

Pull the top part of the wrapper over the box. Use double-sided tape to stick the wrapper to the box. Crease the wrapping paper on the box using your fingers.

You then have to unroll the wrapping paper and bring it toward the top part of the box. Cut the excess paper from the roll. You should leave an inch or two for the overhang. You will then have to fold it along the fold. Use tape to hold the fold onto the box.

Close the remaining end using tape

Once the top and bottom sections are taped, you will then fold the four corners by creating a 45-degree flap on all sides. Crease along with these angles. Do these smoothly so that it looks clean.

Fold the wrapper to enclose the box with it 

Fold the flap so that it wraps around the box. You need to make creases at the top and bottom edges of the box. Remove any excess paper. Fix the fold by using double-sided tape. Do this on both sides.

Add a ribbon

How to Wrap a Gift: Step-by-Step Guide

Once completed, you can use a ribbon of your choice and put them around the box to create a cross design. Pull the ends of the ribbon and make a double knot. You then create a small bow on top to finish the ribbon.

Add an ornament 

To add style to your gift wrap, you may want to use ornaments and stick them on the gift. A nice holiday ornament is great for family gifts.

Put the gift in a custom packaging bag

Finish the wrap by purchasing custom packaging bags for the gift. You have a lot to choose from. You can get custom biodegradable brown bags, low-price packaging bags, and the like.


The gift wrap is almost as special as the gift itself. It is recommended that you give your best effort in wrapping the gift for your loved ones. Using custom packaging bags, colorful ribbons, and eye-catching wrappers can make simple gifts special. Follow our step-by-step guide and practice it so that you will be ready when the season of gift-giving comes.