Ask LH: How Do I Change A Heat Lamp In My Bathroom?

Dear Lifehacker, My bathroom at home currently has one of those heat-lamp and light fixtures with an inbuilt vent. The light in the center has died! How do I go about changing this? Where do I buy a new lightbulb that will fit in that? I am completely new to it and have zero experience changing lightbulbs.Thanks, Mr Dim Bulb

Dear MDB,

Without having a specific model to go on, it’s difficult to provide a definitive answer, but I’ll try my best.

Ask LH: How Do I Change A Heat Lamp In My Bathroom?

3-in-1 bathroom fixtures might look complicated on the outside. However, they follow the same basic mechanic as a regular light bulb. Some models allow you to remove the bulbs in the standard fashion, while others require the outer fixture/fascia to be dissembled first. (This may involve using a screwdriver — if so, be sure to hold it securely with your hand so it doesn’t hurtle to the floor!)

The individual bulbs probably use ES fittings, which means they should screw out fairly easily. Usually, the centre bulb is purely used for light with the larger heat lamps surrounding it — this is good news for you, as it’s the cheapest part to replace.

Once you’ve removed the affected bulb, your best bet is to take it to a lighting specialist or hardware store. Bunnings has a pretty extensive range of 3-in-1 lighting fixtures and bulbs, so make that your first stop if there’s one near your location.

If you can’t find the exact same shape, almost any standard bulb should fit the fixture — albeit as an ill-fitting eyesore. But at least you’ll be able to see while you pluck your eyebrows.


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