Bathroom plants: 22 best houseplants for your bathroom

Bathroom plants are becoming increasingly popular in our homes, but not all houseplants enjoy the damp, humid atmosphere of a bathroom. So what are the best plants for a bathroom? Here, we explore which varieties will thrive in a toilet room, en-suite or family-sized washroom. But first, let's answer some popular houseplant questions.

Is it ok to put plants in the bathroom?

If you choose the right variety, then yes! In fact, bathroom plants have a number of benefits. They can purify the air, bring greenery and nature into one of our more sterile rooms, eliminate bacteria and absorb extra moisture. They are also bang on trend. You must choose a plant that can cope with the high humidity of a bathroom and you also need to consider sunlight. If your bathroom is located in the middle of a property without a window or any natural light, houseplants may struggle.

What plants can live in a bathroom without windows?

Bathroom plants: 22 best houseplants for your bathroom

Your choices are narrower here as they must be able to cope with both high humidity and low light levels. Some plants that might be a good choice for a windowless bathroom are: peace lilies, Boston ferns, philodendrons, spider plants, aloe vera, English ivy, snake plants.

What plants can live in the shower?

It is becoming a popular trend to put plants in the shower, if you have a big enough area. The first thing to consider here is safety. Bathroom plants must not be put anywhere where they may become a trip hazard in what is already a slippery area. That being said, a popular shower plant is a eucalyptus 'bath bouquet' which is hung from the shower head. The steam and heat from the shower helps to release the aromatherapy powers of the eucalyptus.

Are succulents ok in bathrooms?

Succulents will rot if they're exposed to too much water so are not great for a small or windowless bathroom where moisture levels are even higher. They are better for a large bathroom or on a bathroom windowsill.

Now, without further ado, here are the best bathroom plants. Choose the right one for your style and space...