Before and after: 4 hottest bathroom trends predicted for 2022!


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Are you considering a bathroom makeover? Before you start, we suggest you take a note of the key bathroom trends predicted for 2022…

As it’s the one room in the house we all use on a regular basis, your bathroom should be a space in which you relish spending time.

Indeed, with the right finishing touches, there is no reason your WC shouldn’t be a sanctuary; a space designed for relaxing, cleansing, pampering and primping.

And, according to industry experts, bathrooms in 2022 are set to become bolder, brighter and a lot more modern.

From open-plan wet-rooms to minimalistic colour palettes, Aberdeen’s professional bathroom supply and installation service, Home Expert, makes its predictions for bathrooms trends in 2022 here…

Home Expert notes that adding black accents to your bathroom will give a sleek and sophisticated finish – without overwhelming the space with too many dark shades.

Contrast hints of black with neutral colours and raw materials for a bold look; black taps and shower valves are a great place to start.

John Watson, designer at Home Expert, adds: “Black finishes transcend all styles of interior décor, making them a popular choice in any room.

“This colour has been increasingly adopted within the bathroom in recent times to add drama and depth.”

Grey may be the classic colour you think of when you picture a bathroom. Indeed, greyish tones have reigned popular in washrooms for decades – but that doesn’t mean they’re outdated.

Home Expert sees grey colour palettes continuing as a major bathroom trend for 2022, due to their timeless appeal.

Before and after transformation by Home Expert, using timeless, grey tones:

“Grey can provide a good backdrop for many colours and textures, making it a versatile and modern choice for any bathroom,” says John.

Before and after: 4 hottest bathroom trends predicted for 2022!

“It helps to enhance the style of a design, works well with period features, complements marble and stone textures, and makes any setting look contemporary.

“It won’t go out of fashion and is ideal for bathrooms!”

Speaking of timeless, marble is making a huge comeback.

Marble tiles never date and with their many colours you can have a sophisticated bathroom at a reasonable price.

And Home Expert predicts large format, marble designs will be the tile of choice for 2022.

John explains: “One of the main reasons you might choose a larger tile is due to the fact that they will visually expand a space.

“Larger tiles mean fewer grout lines and so a cleaner, uninterrupted look is created.

“This lends itself well to contemporary design and a more minimalist approach.”

Before and after transformation by Home Expert, with its predicted 2022 trend of large marble tiles:

Home Expert is the exclusive supplier of Arblu designs in Aberdeen, a contemporary Italian brand which specialises in minimalist tones and patters.

And, just last year, the company extended its range, now supplying products from Laufen.

“For 125 years, Laufen has been creating beautiful bathroom ideas, such as Alessi, Palomba, Kartell to name a few,” says John.

“Laufen stands for Swiss style, quality and design, offering complete bathroom solutions around the world.”

According to Home Expert, more and more people are opting for walk-in showers and wet-rooms over baths these days, and choosing much larger cubicles over smaller enclosures.

John says: “Wet floor bathrooms are a great way of maximising the space that you have available, as well as improving accessibility.

“Open showers also mean that you don’t need a door on your shower enclosure, freeing up extra space where you might have had to consider the swing of the enclosure door and making the shower enclosure feel much more spacious.”

Before and after transformation by Home Expert, replacing bath with walk-in shower for a modern finish:

Indeed, open showers are a great choice for smaller bathrooms and can prevent the area from feeling claustrophobic. Not to mention, they are much easier to clean!

Home Expert has over 10 years of experience in the design and installation of bathrooms.

For more information, visit the Home Expert website, or see what the company has to offer in person at its show room on Hill Street, Aberdeen.