Cleaning expert shares four steps to stop condensation causing mould in your bathroom

The bathroom is usually the wettest room in any house thanks to the condensation build-up caused by steamy showers and baths - and leaving that water clinging to the walls and windows can be a breeding ground for mould and mildew.

And while keeping the bathroom free from water can seem like an impossible task, one cleaning expert on TikTok has revealed there are four easy steps you can take to make condensation disappear in no time at all.

The expert, named Nazia, shared a video in which she ran through the best things you can do to stop condensation and mould from gripping your home - including making sure your bathroom door is always closed.

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In her video titled "Four ways to avoid condensation in the bathroom and house after a shower", Nazia first used an electric window cleaner to suck up the excess condensation that had built up on her bathroom window, as well as running the machine over her windowsill.

Then, the expert, who posts on TikTok under the username @naziaxhome, turned her extractor fan on in the bathroom to get to work pulling moisture out of the air.

And Nazia's final two steps were simple ones - open the bathroom window, and close the door.

Cleaning expert shares four steps to stop condensation causing mould in your bathroom

The woman's video has over 158,000 views, and she was more than happy to answer people's questions in the comments as well as explain why her tips work so well.

When one person claimed just opening the window would work just as well, Nazia said: "Yes, although doing this all together will avoid mould growing. Especially keeping all surfaces dry and getting rid of excess moisture."

Another also said it was "pointless" to have the extractor fan on at the same time as having the window open, but Nazia replied: "Turn the extractor fan on during showers then open the windows after."

When someone else said they were told that keeping the bathroom door open for ventilation was best, the woman explained: "Condensation spreads throughout the house if the bathroom door is left open. I close it for the bathroom windows and extractor fan to do its job."

Other commenters even left their own tips for fellow viewers to try out, including opening the window before you start showering to "reduce the overall condensation".

Nazia also replied to someone who asked what will happen if they don't clean up the condensation and said: "In the long run it can lead to mould and also watermarks inside the windows as the water gets trapped inside."

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