Company informs stunned staff it can no longer provide them water at work

People have been left gobsmacked after a company told its staff it can no longer provide them water while they work.

The sign from management has since gone viral on social media platform Reddit after being posted by an employee's partner.

The Reddit user wrote: "The place my girlfriend works at just posted this sign in their break room. The company had record profits last year."

Naturally, fellow Reddit users rushed to have their say in the comments, Birmingham Live writes.

Marcus replied: "Huh, the heat treatment factory I work at doesn't supply any water. Hell if we want a drink we either have to buy soda from a vending machine or drink from the bathroom sink, pretty sure the water isn't safe to drink too."

Company informs stunned staff it can no longer provide them water at work

Beach Blanket wrote: "The bottom is the important part. What that is saying is that sink water is not cutting it unless it is specifically for drinking like a fountain.

"Sink water alone is not acceptable. We went thru this at a previous job and the OSHA inspector fined one of our offices a hefty sum for not providing drinkable water."

Harvey wrote: "To respond to the comments here, I was told that they have a water fountain there that does "technically" provide drinkable water.

"It spits out warm-to-hot water, but technically it's drinkable so I guess they will be able to get away with it."

Mohican replied: "We make sure all of the employees have coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and water for free.

"I also buy huge boxes of Gatorade mix and Popsicles when it starts to warm up. No charge to the employees. Not providing water is actually illegal."

Master wrote: "I'm pretty sure this is against some labor law, but also just a human needs violation. Water is one of the four things needed for human survival. In addition to Oxygen, food, and shelter."

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