Doc said I couldn't have kids - now I have miracle baby, but folk hate his name

A CLEANING fanatic has revealed the surprising product which will rid your toilet of nasty odours - and it only costs £1.

Laura Low, 34, has two young boys at home, which can often make it a challenge to keep her bathroom sparkling.

Keeping on top of the mess and odour around the toilet seat, in particular, can feel like a full-time job.

So when a fellow cleaning fan recommended shaving foam to "help with the smell of urine", Laura knew she had to give it a go.

And the mum of two, who lives just outside Edinburgh, was blown away by the results, telling her 227,000 TikTok fans: "I’ve never heard of using it to kill the smell. But smell gone, yay".

In a short clip, Laura can be rubbing Gilette's £1 shaving foam into the toilet seat and surrounding areas on the floor before washing it away.


She did admit the foam "took a while to clean up" - but it's not put social media users off.

One said: "Ohhh i will give this a go! Thank you from a mum of boys."

Doc said I couldn't have kids - now I have miracle baby, but folk hate his name

Another added: "Wow I never knew this."

Meanwhile a third wrote: "It is actually really good for it, I was surprised when I used it."

We told earlier how Laura has picked up a mass fan following on social media during lockdown with her funny voiceovers and viral videos.


The mum of two told the Scottish Sun Online: "I love cleaning because it relaxes me and it’s something I can focus on while listening to music and not think about anything other than the task at hand.

"I have always loved cleaning and organising, it’s something I think that’s been passed down to me from my mum who has a love of cleaning and helping others."

Sharing her top tip to get started, Laura added: "When I clean I always like to start in one room and focus on an area, organising and putting away and then cleaning from the top to the bottom.

"Overwhelming yourself with too many tasks at once can be daunting so take it one room or even one area at a time and then mark it as complete after you have done it rather then tick it off.

'played the chaser'TAXING TIMES

"Make a list of tasks you have done and achieved, if you don’t finish something on a list I always feel for me that can be disheartening, so I tend to write it down after I have completed it. It works for me."

You can follow all of Laura's cleaning tips on her TikTok page LauraCleans.

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