Essentials for the perfect toilet

The bathroom is no longer the neglected space in your home. The dilemma has outgrown the one between Indian or western toilet.

Today, you can choose one with a sensor that triggers an automatic flush function to heated seat and temperature-controlled wash or a fully automated toilet.

Even the kind of lights that you use makes a lot of difference given that we spend so much time in there.

Simple and minimalist

One such design innovation that has been recently launched is the Equal Series by VitrA in collaboration with Italian architect and designer Claudio Bellini.

The new range makes use of geometric shapes and minimalist borders.Equal WC pans incorporate VitrA’s Rim-Ex technology, an innovative design for effortless cleaning: By eliminating the hard-to-clean rims, this technology prevents the accumulation of germs. VitrA underlines the importance of hygiene, with user-friendly cleaning solutions.

VitrA Hygiene is a technology, which offer benefits in terms of health. It has ION Technology that is said to prevent harmful bacteria by 99.9 per cent.

Essentials for the perfect toilet

Maximum hygiene is ensured on the surfaces developed with this method. It does not lose its protection feature even under intense usage conditions.

It has a special glaze that coats all external and internal surfaces prior to firing in a process that ensures VitrA Hygiene protection for VitrA ceramic ware throughout its lifetime.

Latest trends

“Historically, the bathroom has been associated with blue and white colours, but now there is a strong preference for smart and intelligent colours. There is a big market for products that come in unique colours such as rose gold, French gold, brushed nickel and more,” said Salil Sadanandan, President, Kohler Kitchen and Bath India, Middle East and Sub Saharan Africa.

Light up the place

With technological advancements in the 21st century, PrachiLaud, CEO & Founding Partner, Light Doctor, believes that LED lighting solutions have proven to be a revolution for the lighting industry.

“Picking up popularity among entrepreneurs and industry pioneers, LEDs are progressively being used widely in home decor nowadays, from functional to decorative lighting fixtures alongside various design styles (contemporary to classical). However, different areas of your home may require different lighting strategies depending on its activities and functionalities,” said Laud.

From primping to pampering, we spend a lot of time in the bathroom. So, bathrooms require more practical and functional lighting solutions for a primarily task-oriented space.

Laud says that because the vanity counter or washbasin counter is one of the most used spaces, choose wisely.

“Go for a wall-mounted vanity light of any style. Brighten up the shower area with diffused downlights. You can add cove lighting to the general lighting. Ensure all your bathroom light fixtures are specifically designed for the bathroom and check the IP rating of the light fitting if it is appropriate to space.”