First apartment basics: 5 things every living room needs

Are you ready to move into your first apartment? Whether you plan to live alone, with a partner, or with roommates, you may be surprised by how many things you need to make your new place feel like home. From functionality to aesthetics, there are many necessities that you will likely want to provide you with comfort and ease in your new space.

While most of us know the basic needs of a bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom, the living room can be required to serve multiple purposes and may need to be a more flexible space. We use it to relax, entertain, gather, and as a general landing spot for downtime. Many people end up spending much of their free time in their living room thanks to downtime activities such as watching tv, reading a good book, or playing video games. It is also usually the primary central location for apartments shared with roommates or families.

Because our living room is such an important space that we spend a large amount of our time in, it is essential that it has everything we need. This means that it not only serves the function of a living room but also provides a welcoming space for us to come together with others. Keep reading to learn about a few essential items we think every living room should have.

Comfy & Convenient Seating

Regardless of how you use your living room, the room’s main focal point will likely be your seating. There are many options out there, from couches to upholstered chairs to the always elegant chaise lounge. The style and arrangement are up to you, but we recommend prioritizing comfort and convenience for this highly frequented space.

If you plan primarily to use your living room to relax and enjoy your hobbies, investing in a supportive couch or a fancy recliner may work well for you. If you intend to entertain and have guests over, make sure you have enough seating options and consider keeping some floor cushions stored away for larger groups. Arrange your furniture to encourage conversation and make things comfortable for your guests by adding side tables and ottomans.

Entertainment Options

Many of us use our living room for entertainment, alone or with friends. To make the most of your living room, we recommend having some entertainment essentials. This is an area where you may decide to splurge to make your living room more unique.

Most living rooms have a TV to enjoy the latest shows and movies. Depending on your hobbies, you may also consider a video game system a necessity. If you want to step up your setup a notch, consider investing in a soundbar or surround sound system for a fully immersive experience.

First apartment basics: 5 things every living room needs

If you want to avoid the screens, there are tons of other things you can add to your living room to provide entertainment. Board games and puzzles can easily be stored in a coffee table and broken out for an engaging evening. Coffee table books not only offer you or your guests something interesting to flip through but also look nice as an accent piece.

Wall Art & Décor

A great way to impart a sense of personality in your living room is by adding wall art. There is nothing worse than a room of blank white walls, and there are endless options of what you can use to decorate them with. Wall pictures can add a pop of color, a sense of warmth, or offer a conversation piece for guests. The right pieces can take a room full of furniture and turn it into a truly cohesive space that you will love spending time in.

A quick search on the internet or browse through your local home décor store will offer options such as canvas wall art, photography, fine-art prints, posters, and more. You can also search for local artists to create one-of-a-kind paintings or other pieces of media. We guarantee you’ll find something you love, regardless of the style and function of your living room.

Proper Lighting

Lighting helps set the mood of your living room and makes it a more enjoyable space to spend time. There are many options to change the lighting in your room, but it is important to understand light temperatures and how they affect your room. Lightbulbs come in a range of temperature options, with warmer bulbs offering a soft glow, while cooler bulbs may make your space look cleaner and brighter. Some lightbulb brands also offer a daylight option to mimic natural sunlight.

To introduce light into your apartment living room, you can find standing or table lamps that match your aesthetic. If you have a TV that you use often, you may also consider adding strips of LED lights behind your TV to make viewing it less harsh on your eyes in a dim room.

Window coverings are another great way to control the lighting in your living room while also adding to the overall design. Curtains are easy to install and come in an endless number of designs and colors. You can layer sheer and opaque curtains to provide you with different lighting options throughout the day.

Personalize with Accessories

Once you have made your living room functional and welcoming, it’s time to add personal touches to make it feel like home. Accessories and accent décor bring a touch of your unique personality to your living room and offer a reminder of the things you love.

If you are someone who loves warmth and being cozy, fill your living room with the fuzziest throw pillows and warmest blankets. Layer different colors and textures to create a sense of comfort and luxury. Add candles to engage your sense of smell and provide soft, relaxing lighting.

You can add some life to your apartment’s living room through your choice of accessories. Pick up a few easy-to-care-for house plants to instantly brighten up the space and provide a natural air purifier. Frame a few of your favorite photos with family and friends to create a collage or decorate your bookshelves. Each time you see the smiling faces, you’ll be reminded of all you have to be grateful for.