Four methods to remove houseflies

4 ways to get rid of houseflies

There are a variety of techniques to eliminate houseflies. Four of the most effective methods include:

Water is necessary for flies to breed. It is an essential part of their diet, as flies cannot live more than 48 hours without access to water.

Many housefly infestations are due to excess moisture and debris accumulating around the house. Water can often build up in wet or moist areas such as sinks or drains.

A person should check and clean places that include:

Four methods to remove houseflies

Houseflies typically enter from the outside but will sometimes breed indoors. Breeding sites inside are more common in buildings with interior garbage rooms and compactors.

Keeping sites where houseflies tend to breed clean will help prevent future infestations. A person should pay particular attention to:

The constant moisture in drains provides a suitable environment for flies to breed. Sometimes, they may rest on walls surrounding a sink or shower.

To check for flies in a drain:

A person should check for flies sticking to the tape periodically. The number of flies that stick will indicate the size of the infestation.

Cleaning the drain should destroy the breeding site and stop the infestation. There are several options to clean them. However, ordinary bleach or drain cleaners are ineffective for removing bacteria. A person can:

There are many types of flytraps available, which could help remove fly infestations. These devices include:

Several sprays and insecticides can help deal with flies. While they can eliminate individual flies, there are more efficient ways to remove an infestation.

Pyrethrin, a pesticide that is toxic to insects, can be bought as a spray to deal with adult flies. These sprays provide a temporary solution that could be useful in combination with other techniques.

People using fly sprays or insecticides must take care to prevent direct contact with the skin or eyes and avoid inhaling them. Pyrethrin has low toxicity but can irritate the skin or trigger other mild symptoms.