From 11,000 homeowners, here’s what we have learned about blinds

Natural ventilation, generous daylight and panoramic views – these are some of the selling points to attract homebuyers these days. This also means a house with ample windows, big glass doors and wide balconies.

However, just like how everything has its pros and cons, these benefits come with its drawbacks too, such as sudden strong gusts that can send your work flying off your table, sunlight surplus that requires a second layer of sunblock, too much glare that you need to put on your sunglasses, and over-exposure to unwelcome eyes.

How then do you reap the advantages of these openings without suffering the latter? The right window treatment, of course.

With windows being such important features, certainly covering them up decently merits more than just window dressing. The options that come to mind are curtains, shades and blinds, probably in that order. Why do blinds seem a less popular choice?

BlindsHub (supplier) and New Way (manufacturer) founder Edmond Hong says there are quite a few misconceptions about blinds, making homeowners less inclined to consider them for their homes.However, the fact is, over the years, blinds have evolved to become a highly versatile window treatment option both for commercial and residential use.

Having served more than 11,000 homeowners since the companies’ establishments in 1993, he cites eight great reasons blinds are great for homes:

1.Add aesthetic value

Some of us, especially from the earlier generations, may still be under the impression that blinds mean those vertical stiff strips which are normally seen in offices, and we certainly do not want to be reminded of the office when we have got away from it after a hard day’s work, unless of course, in this new normal of working from home, you want your work space at home to look like an office so the kids will get the idea that you are out of bounds for certain hours.

Whatever the preference – whether you want a serious businesslike setting or a cosy homey ambience, blinds can actually cater to either one, while lending a touch of elegance to your abodes.

Although vertical blinds are offered at New Way, the more popular types among homeowners are zebra blinds, roller blinds and roman blinds for the interior, says Edmond.

“Customers can choose from a wide range of patterns, designs and colours. In fact, there are up to 60 colours to choose from under the zebra blinds range, so you can match them to your overall theme to achieve a seamless style.

“Also, if you have sliding doors and windows within the same visibility range, and you prefer curtains for the former, we can customise a roman blind for the latter using the same fabric as the curtain, and this would give your house a designer-look,” Edmond points out.

2.Easy to clean

If the thought of cleaning blinds makes you moan because you imagine it to be super tedious, check out the roller blinds from On top of being anti-mould and antiseptic, they are also waterproof, which means all you have to do is get a damp cloth to wipe down the flat surface off any dirt.

The same applies to its roman blinds. Similarly, the zebra blinds only require a wipe-down with a damp cloth or sponge, or a dust-bust from a vacuum cleaner’s nozzle, if you prefer.

This makes blinds the favoured option for highly-utilised areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.

“Unlike curtains, blinds also save you the hassle of having to detach them for the washing and bear with exposed windows while waiting for them to be washed or pay for a second set of coverings in the interim,” adds Edmond.

3.Sturdy and long-lasting

Do the parts in blinds such has panels, rollers and cords look fragile to you? The truth is they are sturdy mechanisms made to be long-lasting.

“Our zebra blinds are generally made of 100% polyester and are very durable. Meanwhile, our roman blinds use low-carbon-footprint fabric of premium quality. Our roman blinds are even flame-retardant.” Edmond highlights.

From 11,000 homeowners, here’s what we have learned about blinds

For a greater assurance of its durability, BlindsHub offers customers a three-year warranty period, with an option to upgrade to four years.

4. Budget-friendly

Are blinds expensive? Not at all, says Edmond.

“Actually, blinds are budget-friendly window treatments. We have roller blinds that fit a range of budgets, and if you want more economical options, you can go for zebra blinds. In fact, for small windows, blinds are the best choices cost-wise,” he points out, adding that customers are welcome for a free consultancy at to help them make the best decisions for their window treatments.

5.Fit windows and doors of all sizes

Blinds are the best window screen solution for small windows, especially those at mid-height, usually found in bathrooms, kitchens and small rooms – because of its simple installation and flexibility to be cut into any measurement.

But do you know that they can actually cover big windows and doors too?

“At, we can custom-make your blinds to any size to fit your windows and doors. Each set can go up to 3m wide while the length can even cater for floor-to-ceiling height,” Edmond explains.

6.Safe for children

One of the misconceptions about blinds is that it is a safety hazard to children because they can get entangled in the dangling cords, but those days are long gone.

“We have kid-friendly blinds that use motorised systems, so there are no loose-hanging strings to worry about. The system allows for easy control using a remote device or even a smartphone app,” Edmond says.

7.Eases daylight control

Imagine how nice it would be if your bedroom remained dark for as long as you want on the days you want to sleep in. Well, this is possible with blackout blinds, which are able to block out 99% of incoming light, with full privacy to boot.

“With blinds, you can control the amount of incoming light easily. Use the blackout roller or roman blinds if you want dimness in your room. Alternatively, if you just want to filter the daytime glare but appreciate the natural light, you can use translucent blinds or our solar sunscreen blinds. It also allows you to people-watch without being too noticeable,” Edmond quips.

8.Suitable for outdoor use too

One advantage blinds have over other window treatment options is they can be used for the outdoors.

“Outdoor blinds are made to withstand weather elements, not just the sun’s glare but wind and rain too. So if you need a protective screen in your gardens, patios and balconies, go for blinds.

“The sunscreen outdoor blinds can block out up to 95% of incoming light when it is too sunny, so you enjoy cooler indoor temperatures. Being waterproof and anti-mould, they are also perfect for keeping out spattering rain. So if you have laundry out on your balcony, all you have to do is roll down the blinds when it rains,” says Edmond.

Additionally, many house owners find outdoor blinds useful for keeping out unwanted insects, as well as prying eyes.

So, check out the selections of blinds for your homes at, where your orders can be ready within four working days.BlindsHub and New Way have just launched a new set of premium hotel ripple fold curtain tracks for double-volume houses and if you have requirements for medical cubicle curtain tracks, you can connect with them too.

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