How to clean a rusty drain with a secret Coles & Woolworths product

It’s a common household cleaning problem many of us have - how to fix unsightly and discoloured drain covers which look old and rusty.

But while many have assumed they’re too difficult to clean and just need to be replaced, an Aussie mum has proved us wrong with a cleaning hack that has to be seen to be believed.

In the video above: Aussie mum shares genius cubby house hack

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Sharing on the awesome Mums Who Clean page, member Linda revealed how she used Australia’s latest cult cleaning product - Bar Keepers Friend, available from Coles and Woolies - to transform her crusty drain.

She writes: ‘If you realised how many times I have cringed looking at this drain over the past couple of years... Ten minutes of attention with BKF and the transformation is amazing!’

How to clean a rusty drain with a secret Coles & Woolworths product

BKF - or Bar Keepers Friend - has become so popular in recent months that it’s selling out almost as quickly as it arrives in store. In fact, a post on the hugely popular Mums Who Clean group revealing a new shipment of the cleaning powder at a Gold Coast store quickly went viral with excited reactions.

The page’s fans were excited to learn of this latest way to use the miracle cleaning product.

‘Omg wow, I was literally trying to figure out what to do about mine the other day. Thank you!!’ said one.

Added another: ‘OMG I’m going to do my bath plug hole when I get home!’

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Said a third: ‘Man I was thinking that had eaten through. That’s amazing!’

Another member was quick to give the hack a go - and gave it the thumbs up.

Sharing pics of her own transformation, member Taz writes: ‘OMFG I thought drains couldn’t come back from this state and I have BKF in the cupboard. Be right back!!

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