How to remove mould

There's nothing worse than decluttering your wardrobe and finding mould on your favourite sweater or shoes. But instead of throwing them out, why not try salvaging them one last time? Click here for the how to.


Mould and mildew thrive in damp, dark and poorly ventilated spaces, which is why wardrobes are a common target. By following a few simple steps, you can easily prevent mould growth in your wardrobe. Click here for the how to.

How to remove mould

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While there are plenty of bathroom mould hacks out there – from vinegar to vodka – and even freshening up your bathroom, we’ve never seen results like this before. Click here for the how to.

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Bathroom mould is not only unsightly, but unhealthy. If you’ve tried every mould removal hack and bathroom cleaning tip without long-term success, it might be time to put down the cleaning products and pick up the toolbox instead. Click here for the how to.


If neglected, mould can get out of control – quickly. While prevention is the best solution, and there are some great mould removal products to add to cart, have you tried using vinegar, grapefruit seed extract or bi-carb soda. Click here for the how to.

If you’re not into making your own DIY sprays, or you feel the need for a deeper clean (we don’t blame you), then it’s time to look into the best mould removal products on the market. Click here for our round-up.

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Dehumidifiers maintain control over the humidity levels in your home by removing excess moisture from the air to help prevent mould and mildew. Click here for our round-up of the best humidifiers in Australia.

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