'I bought washable crayons for my son to use in the bath - it won't come off'

A young mum was gutted after buying her son 'washable' crayons so he could draw on the walls while he was in the bath - as they refused to come off afterwards.

Cait Regan took to TikTok to share her news with other parents, as she didn't want them to find themselves in the same situation she was in.

In the short clip, she showed the walls around her bathtub - and the white tiles are covered in colourful scrawls from the edge of the bath to well above head height.

Cait said the crayons were supposed to be washable so it should be easy to remove the marks, but no matter how hard she tries she can't get them off.

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On TikTok, where Cait uploads as @caitregan, she said: "So I thought I'd be the fun mum and get my son these organic non-toxic beeswax bath crayons, right?

"Says they come off super easily with warm water, no they don't. No they f*****g don't, and this is what the bathroom looks like now."

She then shows her new bathroom design and there are colourful marks and lines all over the tiles, and she said that she's tried everything to scrub it off.

'I bought washable crayons for my son to use in the bath - it won't come off'

In the comments, she added: "I’ve retired from the crunchy life from now on I’m getting the extra paraben, extra red 40 dye, extra fragrance anything."

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Cait's video proved popular with TikTok users and soon she had over 1.5 million views, alongside 1,800 comments.

One said: "Put sealant over it and embrace the art forever."

Then another wrote: "Bestie that was a jump scare I’m so sorry for you."

And a second added: "Can you use a hairdryer to melt it then wipe it clean?"

"This happened to my grandma," added a fourth user. "She sued the company and she won a good amount of money."

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