Jennifer's New Jersey home has 16 bathrooms for 5 kids - you do the maths

Jennifer Aydin’s glamorous stance on RHONJ has only been heightened by her huge mansion, which is nothing short of 16 bathrooms and nine bedrooms – despite only having six children.

She has recently let Bravo viewers into a huge issue in her personal life, which details her husband Bill Aydin‘s previous affair and how she hasn’t fully forgiven him in the years since. So, she’s no stranger to sharing plans for her home.

The property’s large size isn’t forever, though. Jennifer told The Post that she is hoping to turn her New Jersey mega-mansion into a Bed & Breakfast and eventually downsize to a smaller home.

From Jennifer’s luxurious home to her husband Bill’s riches, we’ve got the lowdown on her lavish family lifestyle.

Jennifer’s New Jersey mansion

Jennifer Aydin’s mega-mansion is full to the brim with 16 bathrooms and nine bedrooms. The house is so big that the family-of-seven can allow the RHONJ star’s father to live with them!

Situated in Paramus, the nearly 10,000 square feet-home is regularly visited by her extended family, which includes seeing Jennifer’s cousins often. And they won’t miss out, as every single bedroom has a bathroom with a shower.

Jennifer's New Jersey home has 16 bathrooms for 5 kids - you do the maths

In 2021, Jennifer got a Z Gallerie Serene Glam home makeover as she was “getting so much critiquing from fans”, as per People. The home’s decor includes lots of Parisian, regal-type furniture and embraces the Hollywood glam feel.

The RHONJ star’s five kids

Jennifer and Bill Aydin have been married for almost 20 years, which has involved welcoming five children into the world. Known as one of the most popular Housewives couples, they first met back in 2001.

Now, they happily live together in New Jersey with their five children. Justin is their eldest, who is currently 17 years old, while the others include Gabby, Jacob, Christian, and Olivia.

They often attend press events with Jennifer and even feature on RHONJ occasionally. As reported by People, she said:

For me, practicality is better than something that looks beautiful. I need something that’s going to be good for my kids because I’m not so strict with them. I don’t like to cause situations where I’m constantly yelling at them. And if I have expensive furniture, I know it’s going to cause me to constantly be yelling at my kids.

Jennifer and Bill Aydin’s net worth

Jennifer’s plastic surgeon husband Bill Aydin is worth $3 million for his medical work. The Housewife, on the other hand, is the second richest on the show with a reported net worth of $11 million to her name.

Most of her wealth came after her marriage to Bill, who runs his own practice at Aydin Center for Plastic Surgery. The couple’s combined net worth is much higher than $11 million, while Jennifer’s salary is thought to be $100K.

She ran her family’s successful jewelry business before the star launched her own cooking show on YouTube and has also appeared in New Money. Their mega-mansion alone is estimated at $3 million.



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