Modular components and buildings

​Modular components in buildings

Modular components are building elements that are prefabricated off-site and then shipped to the site where the building will be located. The components could arrive fully assembled, partially assembled or flatpacked (panelised).

A building could be constructed of more than one type of modular component.

Modular components and buildings

We do not consider modular components to be an entire and substantially complete building transported whole, such as a three-bedroom home or an entire classroom. For building consent and documentation purposes, we refer to these as relocatable buildings.

However, a building made with modular components in Auckland can have a customised inspection process similar to a relocatable building. This may involve separate inspections for the factory where the components are created and the site where the building is constructed.

For more information on relocatable buildings, see Relocate a building.

When fully assembled on-site, modular components become part of what amounts to a substantially complete building.

Fittings or non-structural features are generally not considered to be modular components.

Modular components and building consents

When applying for a building consent with us, you will be asked whether your building work contains modular components.

Knowing if a modular component construction project will need a building consent can be difficult to judge. If you are unsure, read our "Manufactured modular component guidance" document or contact us for help.