New study reveals how much an extra bathroom could actually add to your home’s value

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  • For anyone not currently living in their forever home, it’s good to know how much a renovation might add to the resale price of your property.

    Of course, how much you get back very much depends on how much you spend on your bathroom ideas, the house prices in your area, and any unexpected costs along the way.

    According to a new study, adding an extra bathroom to your home could boost its value by a remarkable £50,000. We asked an estate agent for their views – and features that might help you get a good return on your bathroom investment.

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    When carrying out the study, the bathroom experts at Plumbnation spoke to Marco Helliwell, Founder and CEO of Marco commented that adding a bathroom/en-suite gives you a direct increase in price.

    New study reveals how much an extra bathroom could actually add to your home’s value

    ‘Having items that give you the “wow factor” gain you more interest, therefore more offers, which drives up your selling price,’ he says. Adding an en-suite also adds value to a property and tends to make the master bedroom more desirable.

    ‘An extra bathroom can add up to £50,000 onto a property value!’ says Marco. Does this sound too good to be true?

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    Katie Parsonson, Partner, Head of London Valuation and Advisory at Knight Frank has shared her thoughts. She comments that when adding an additional bathroom, the layout of the property and floor space needs to be considered.

    ‘Assuming the addition of an extra bathroom does not compromise the existing layout, then the occupier can certainly expect to increase the marketability of the property and, if done to a high standard, the value too,’ says Katie. ‘Within the prime property markets, this would include specifics such as book-matched marble, underfloor heating and a good specification of sanitary ware.’

    Plumbnation has also revealed the most popular bathroom trends that can add the most value to your home. As Katie mentions, underfloor heating is a huge bonus. It could add an average of £7,000 to your property.

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    A wet room can add up to between £2,000 – £5,000 to your home – with the right buyer. However, you’ve got to know your audience, as many prospective buyers, particularly with young children, still prefer to have a bathtub.

    A double sink vanity is another especially highly coveted design feature, making morning routines run much more smoothly and creating soothing symmetry.