These $10 Hair Towels Are ‘10 Times Better Than a Regular Bath Towel’—Here’s Why

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There couldn’t be anything more dreadful than having soaking wet hair while you’re trying to get ready in the morning or at night. There’s water all over the makeup you just applied to your face and water puddling up on the ground. Basically, it’s just one big mess. But thanks to this genius hack, it no longer has to be.

M-bestl’s Hair Towel Wrap is exactly what you think it’d be. It dries your hair in record time, way faster than if you let it air dry. The towel also keeps hair out of your face so that you can focus on applying your skincare essentials and perfecting your makeup look.

Small but mighty hacks that keep you and your clothes dry and prevent slippery messes are popping off right now, and it makes sense. The concerns they tackle might seem trivial, but it all adds up, especially these instances occur on the daily.

“They are 10 times better than a regular bath towel that pulls on your hair. I can comfortably get dressed while my hair is drying and out of the way since the towels are so light,” wrote one shopper. “This is definitely a product I didn’t think I needed but has now been a real time-saver for someone who hates heat styling.”

This hair towel wrap is just another example of a product you didn’t know you ever needed, but will make a huge difference in your daily routine. Plus, you get two wraps for just $10, which you know you can’t say no to.

These  Hair Towels Are ‘10 Times Better Than a Regular Bath Towel’—Here’s Why

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Photo: M-bestl.

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This towel contraption is made of a high quality microfiber fabric that’s ultra soft and quickly absorbs water. The button and loop is what helps the wrap stay on your head while you apply your fave face mask for a spa night in or head to the kitchen for your morning chai tea latte.

Especially if you don’t have all the time in the world to dry your hair naturally or with a blow dryer, this hack will be a game changer.

“My hair is so thick, it takes so long to dry. My last hair towel still left my hair drippy once I took it off,” explained one reviewer. “I just used the new towel, let my hair sit in it soaking wet for the last 15 minutes and when I took the towel off, my hair wasn’t dripping. Love this towel!”

Not only does this towel wrap dry your hair fast, it also reduces frizziness, even for people with long or thick locks.

“I bought these towels on a whim and oh my gosh, INSTANT results! I was skeptical because, honestly, it’s a towel, how much difference can one towel make, especially when it’s so inexpensive,” wrote another shopper. “Following my usual shower routine, the frizz is down at least 80 percent after one use! I’m shocked and SO excited!!

If you’re done with long drying times or a slippery bathroom floor, switch to this $10 hair towel wrap. It’s sure to make your morning and nighttime routines so much easier and faster.