This Entire SoHo Office Was Designed to Look Like a Bathroom

Interdisciplinary studio Office of Tangible Space designed the headquarter office of Billie, the female-centric body brand known for redesigning the ubiquitous razor. Recently the studio also completed the design of Billie’s 13,000-square-foot office in SoHo, New York. Playing on the theme of where Billie products are typically found, the entire office was made to feel like a luxurious open-concept bathroom.

There are several features throughout the office space that borrow from the aesthetics and functions of a bathroom. A curved tiled wall at the entrance resembles the pattern found in showers. Textured glass blocks that typically form windows or shower walls now form the enclosures of the conference rooms.

A bathroom vanity displays the brand’s assortment of products.

Glass shower doors form a conference room with an added curtain track for privacy.

This Entire SoHo Office Was Designed to Look Like a Bathroom

Venetian plaster adds texture and warmth to the space.

While the office was designed pre-pandemic, the layout allows for ultimate flexibility. Different areas for different modes of working were carved out throughout the office, including conference rooms, private rooms, informal lounge areas, work stations, and breakout spaces. Michael Yarinsky, co-founder of Office of Tangible Space, shares:

The office is made for transient collaboration, encouraging people to come into work without adding in walls or limitations. We wanted the space to feel cozy, encouraging people to connect either in person or dialed-in. The approach allows continuous safe use without harsh physical barriers.

Photos by Jonathan Hökklo.

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