This is what you should never scrimp on when renovating your bathroom

As the place where we start and end our day, the bathroom is a functional and important part of the home, so it should definitely add a bit of joy to our lives. After the kitchen, it's also the area where we're likely to invest the most money, so consider carefully what the space needs to deliver and how you want to feel when you step inside it.

As with any renovation, planning is essential and there are some things you should never scrimp on, according to House Beautiful's resident interior designer, Andrew Griffiths, founder of interior design studio A New Day.

'As a general rule don't scrimp on items that come into contact with water. Go for decent-quality fittings that will last,' Andrew says. 'That's not to say there aren't bargains out there, but do your research.'

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This is what you should never scrimp on when renovating your bathroom

As with any project, you should always be clear on your budget. 'There are lots of elements to juggle, so knowing your limits can help you work out what to prioritise and where you might have to compromise. If you're on a tight budget, vinyl flooring can be a great option. You can achieve a really stylish look for a fraction of the price of tiles,' he adds.


And one more really important thing, choose your bathroom light fixtures carefully. Bathroom lighting can often be overlooked but it's essential that you implement a layered lighting scheme.

'Don't default to a ceiling full of downlights as your only lighting source,' Andrew warns. 'Instead think about layers of light to create different moods, just as you would with any other room. Make sure you get the right IP rating too, appropriate for where the lighting will be positioned.'

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If you feel you may need help in making the most of your space, it's worth consulting a bathroom specialist or interior designer, or try out an online visualiser to help you design a space that works best for your lifestyle.

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