This One Genius Kitchen Tool Will Eliminate All of Your Fruit Fly Problems

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If you love to cook, chances are you’re willing to whip up a meal or bake a batch of cookies even under semi-dire circumstances. We’ve cooked in kitchens that felt impossibly small, we’ve utilized our air fryers and toaster ovens for things we never imagined could be cooked in them, and we’ve acted like a contestant on Chopped and made dinner out of a handful of random ingredients we’d forgotten in our pantry. But the one thing we just can’t work around? Fruit flies. It seems like every kitchen has its battles with fruit flies, and once they’re in your house, it’s hard to get rid of them. If you’re feeling desperate, and hanging glue traps and putting out DIY apple cider vinegar traps just aren’t cutting it, then you should check out the most tech-savvy solution we’ve seen: a countertop fruit fly trap and bug killer that works in three ways to eliminate bugs from your kitchen.

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Forget fly-swatters. This bug trap and killer uses a UV bug light to attract the flies, then it uses a fan to suck them into the device, where they fall into a sticky glue board trap so they can’t escape. There’s no annoying bug zapper sound, and you don’t have to look at a mug full of apple cider vinegar and dead fruit flies on the counter while you cook. Everything is hidden away.

This One Genius Kitchen Tool Will Eliminate All of Your Fruit Fly Problems

This countertop fruit fly trap and killer also works on kitchen sink drain gnats, pantry moths, and mosquitos, so your kitchen will be free of those tiny pests. One tiny bug might not seem like a huge issue, but one fruit fly can turn into seemingly hundreds in a matter of hours.

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The trap comes in white or black, so you can match it to your kitchen decor. You can also place it in other rooms where you’re having bug problems — place it near potted plants to capture fungus gnats, in the sun room to get rid of mosquitos, or in the bathroom to get rid of drain flies.

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The glue pads are easy to change, and the refills are inexpensive. Replace them once a month to keep your machine running smoothly and to keep those bugs at bay. You’ll be surprised at how few flying critters you see in the kitchen after using your Katchy Indoor Insect Trap.

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