Trader Joe’s Has Succulent-Filled Heart Planters for Valentine’s Day

Flowers are nice, but succulents are even nicer — especially if your Valentine is a plant addict. This Valentine’s Day, Trader Joe’s is offering an adorable succulent trio and it’s the perfect gift for anyone who is even a little plant-obsessed.

Spotted by Instagram account @TraderJoesNew in Sacramento, California, the succulent heart trio is being sold at Trader Joe’s for just $9.99. The label attached to the heart-shaped planter reads, “Our love is made to last” and describes the trio as “long lasting succulents.”

@TraderJoesObsessed saw the heart succulent planters at a Trader Joe’s in Montrose, California, too.

Trader Joe’s Has Succulent-Filled Heart Planters for Valentine’s Day

The heart planters are just one of several Valentine’s Day succulent options Trader Joe’s has rolled out this year. You can also pick up a larger planter with a heart glazed on it — called the Succulent Garden and being sold for just $8.99 — or grab a pot of succulents with a sweetheart sign poking out of it (seen in New Jersey).

And of course, there are a few traditional flowering plants available for Valentine’s Day, too. @TraderJoesNew also saw a sampling of potted gerbera daisies and another Trader Joe’s fan account found Mini Valentine Calandiva plants that come decorated with a lacey heart and twine. These little guys are being sold for just $4.99.

Suckers for succulents and blooming plants alike will love whatever gift you get them from Trader Joe’s. And if you opt for the heart-shaped succulent planter, you’ll be telling your Valentine you’re in it for the long run in the cutest way possible.

Olivia Harvey


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