Woman shares genius £12 trick to make bathroom grouting look good as new

The one thing no one tells you about being an adult is that you will be constantly cleaning your bathroom, and yet, somehow it will never seem completely clean.

In fact, it doesn't matter how hard you scrub at the grouting around the bath and in the shower, sometimes you just can't get rid of those little dark marks.

One woman became so fed up of scrubbing her tiles and feel like they never looked clean, that she decided to come up with her own solution and we've got to say, it's pretty genius.

DIY lover Gee opted to take a small paintbrush and paint the grouting black at a cost of just £12, and it looks absolutely amazing.

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Posting from her TikTok handle @thesevenwonderzx, she explained: "When the grout just never looked clean enough no matter how hard I scrubbed. I decided to paint the grout."

Woman shares genius £12 trick to make bathroom grouting look good as new

In the clip, Gee can be seen carefully painting the grouting between the white tiles, before scrubbing away any excess paint, adding: "Scrub, scrub, more scrubbing - send help!"

Fortunately, the end result was well worth it, and the TikToker was left with clean-looking bathroom tiles that could easily be mistaken for being brand-spanking-new.

"I love it," Gee concluded, and unsurprisingly, hundreds of other TikTok users agreed.

"Wow, it looks so much better - I love this," one person commented, while another added: "Definitely trust the process! Love this!"

Meanwhile, others commented to say they regularly use a write grout pen to paint over the marks which are left between the tiles, which is also such an amazing hack.

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