You're Only A True "Euphoria" Fan If You Know Every Word To Cassie's "I Have Never, EVER Been Happier" Monologue

" better be joking."

by Ross Yoder

You're Only A True

BuzzFeed Staff

Say whatever you want about Euphoria, the writing, or the show's creator himself...but Cassie's red-faced, teary-eyed, gingham-clad monologue in the third episode of Season 2 is — dare I say — a work of art.

Now that you've had over a month to learn it, consider this your official test.If you've been meticulously studying every moment of this monologue the way I have, all you have to do is tap on the correct next word or words under each question below.Since I'm not a monster, I left out the GASPS, but you should definitely feel free to ~recite them in your mind~ while you take this.

I'll give you a brief moment to get into character...


If you need a refresher, have at it.