Your letters March 18, 2022

Private sector can address homelessness

In 1986, Ronald Reagan summarized his long-held suspicions about the effectiveness and morality of the role of government in people’s lives by saying, “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”

This certainly applies to Los Angeles today where the government has made a commitment to create housing for some of its 27,000 homeless. The average per apartment cost proposed by the liberal Los Angeles government is projected at $531,373 to $600,000. It should be noted that tiny homes can be built for as little as $25 to $30,000 each. Surely this insane proposal in Los Angeles to provide housing for the homeless will be stopped before it even gets started.

An alternative conservative plan to solve the homeless problem would be to create a housing program in a combination enterprise zone and a homeowners association. Each homeless person who is accepted into this housing program agrees to abide by the homeowners rules; no illegal drugs or alcohol.

The first residents would be provided with a temporary small tent, a communal shower, bathroom and a community kitchen. The next level of housing will consist of tiny houses built by the tent residents and those donated by local churches and civic organizations. The tent residents will have the opportunity to apply for a tiny house as they become available.

Creating jobs is of high priority to those participating in this program. The first jobs provided will be ground maintenance of the facility, trash pickup, vegetable garden work, planting and harvesting the green house and labor to build more tiny homes. Other jobs created will be labor to work and manage the onsite thrift store, general store and food kitchen.

Your letters March 18, 2022

The goal is to solve the homeless crisis and assist as many as possible to once again be a part of society.

Larry Flinchpaugh

St. Joseph

Website helps inform voters

Another election approaches, and many are wondering who to support. Unfortunately, the predictable tsunami of standard campaign ads often does more to confuse than enlighten. And given the condition in which our country, and our city find themselves, it is more important than ever for residents of St. Joseph to make an informed decision at the ballot box.

Thankfully, we now have an organization that is committed to bringing forth that information. “” has done an outstanding job of presenting who the candidates are, according to their answers to a series of basic questions of importance regarding the schools, the courts and the policies of our city.

If the citizens of St. Joseph want to ensure we are under the governance of public officeholders who share our values, and will uphold them going forward, we need to be thoroughly informed of their ideals and their intentions before they assume public office. VoteStJoe is a great step in this direction. Every concerned citizen in this town should check it out and cast an informed vote for our community and our future.

Chris Adamo

St. Joseph