Achieve a Vintage Look with the Best Crackle Medium for Paint

Cereal’s not the only thing that goes snap, crackle, pop—paint can too! Mix crackle medium with your paint to achieve fun fissures. Crackle medium is a perfect tool for getting your painted surface to look antique. Simply paint your surface with paint, and then cover the surface with a layer of crackle medium. Wait for the crackle paint to dry before ding sealant or more layers; the underlay won’t crack if you don’t give the crackle medium enough time. Increase crack sizes by ding more layers of crackle medium or keep the cracks fine by just applying a thin layer. A great tool to d a patinated or textured look to your painted surface, crackle medium is a must-have for any venturous painter or crafter. Browse a selection of crackle mediums below to find the perfect product for your next project.

1. Modern Masters DP601-32 Crackle for Latex Paint

Modern Masters’ crackle medium is a clear, water-based product formulated to work on latex paint. Apply it between two layers of latex paint to get a crackle effect. Or use this medium as a base coat to get more dramatic cracks. Ideal for enhancing furniture, woodwork, trim, lamps, and other home decor, this latex crackle medium induces a consistent crackle pattern that works every time. And this 32-ounce bottle will last through a multitude of projects.

Buy:Modern Masters DP601-32 Crackle for Latex Paint$30.73Buy it

2. FolkArt Home Decor Craft Paint

FolkArt’s Craft Paint is a water-based medium that is perfect for mixing with and layering on acrylic paint. To properly use this crackle medium, layer it under the top coat of paint you want to crackle and wait at least two hours for it to completely dry. The medium dries clear and satin and results in defined cracks. Depending on how thick a layer of medium you apply, you can achieve both fine and thick cracks. This paint is best used on wood but also works well on metal, glass, and even rocks!

Buy:FolkArt Home Decor Craft Paint$9.67Buy it

Achieve a Vintage Look with the Best Crackle Medium for Paint

3. Deco Art Media Crackle Glaze

Unlike many other formulas on our list, this one has to be applied as a topcoat, making it a great choice for painters who don’t want to wait hours between layers. It’s also a great option for artists who aren’t sure if they want to achieve that crackle finish until they get to the very end. The water-based medium produces beautiful, elegant eggshell cracking as it air-dries to a completely clear and semi-glossy finish. Ideal for use with water-based paints, it does not flake off once fully dry.

Buy:Deco Art Media Crackle Glaze$5.37Buy it

4. Golden Acryl Crackle Paste

Golden, one of the earliest leing manufacturers of acrylic paint, is a go-to brand choice for paints and other media. This crackle paste is a thick, opaque substance that causes fissures in paint as it dries. This 32-ounce jar is sure to last through many projects, and you can achieve a range of crack patterns depending on how thick you layer it on.

Buy:Golden Acryl Crackle Paste$37.60Buy it

5. Ranger Texture Paste Opaque Crackle

Achieve the deep, wide cracks of your dreams with this crackle medium, which doesn’t fall away when dried. It is ideal for artists who use stencils to produce highly defined shapes with raised edges. Because it does not self-level—which helps achieve those conspicuous cracks—we recommend applying it with a flat-edged tool to achieve a smooth finish between the lines. The semi-glossy finish looks elegant and professional.

Buy:Ranger Texture Paste Opaque Crackle$10.29Buy it


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