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At the end of a long day, there is nothing better than slumping down on your bed and slowly letting the comfort whisk you away to dreamland. But to get the best sleep possible –you need a good mattress.

But, a good mattress alone won’t do the trick. After all, what is a mattress without a good bed frame to hold it up?

The bed frame is basically the pillar for a good night’s sleep. If the basis is bad, not even the best mattress can save your sleep. Plus, it plays a crucial role in the overall ambient of your room.

There are thousands of online and land-based shops that sell bed frames – but which one is the best for you? Moreover, what should you know before you jump into buying a new bed frame?

Read on as we give you the ultimate guide on the best bed frames in Canada right now, their pros, cons, and everything else you might need!

Easiest to Assemble: Zinus OLB-SMPB-14T 14 Inch Platforma Bed Frame

Product Specifications:

When you start searching for the best bed frame in Canada that would fit your room, you might easily go for the one that is the easiest to put together. Many bed frames come in huge boxes – and most feature parts that you won’t even use.

But with this Zinus bed frame, you can get a good night’s sleep and even save the planet in the process. How?

This bed frame comes in a smartly packed box – yes, a single one. The whole packaging is eco-friendly, consisting of only the bare necessities i.e. the rods and a simple instructions sheet. The rest of it is fully recyclable!

The manufacturer prides itself on the simplicity of its product. They know that nobody likes a tedious and confusing assembly process, especially when you come back from a busy day and can’t wait to jump straight into bed.

Luckily, Zinus has eliminated this puzzling process and jumped straight to twisting a few bolts and screws.

Another top-notch thing about this bed frame is that you don’t need a box spring.The steel rods are specifically designed and placed horizontally at the perfect distance from each other to support your mattress – spring, memory foam, and even hybrid ones.

What’s more, steep rods are also bound to prolong the mattress’ life. Adding to this feature is the non-slip tape on the wooden slaps, too. The tape is of high quality and won’t allow the mattress to move out of place or cause you to slip.

The height of this frame is 14 inches which means that you get the right lift off the floor. At that height, you also get the chance to use your under-bed area as a storage space. A place to sleep with storage on the side – what more could you ask for?

This Zinus bed frame is perfect for every aesthetic. Its simple design allows it to easily fit in everywhere – regardless of whether you’re going for minimalistic or more flamboyant room decor.

Zinus guarantees the quality of its product. To ease your mind when purchasing the product, the brand offers a 5-year warranty. With the option to choose between twin, king, queen, or full-size bed frame, chances are, you won’t be sleeping on this offer.

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Best for Any Type of Bed Combination: GhostBed All-in-One Foundation

Product Specifications:

If you are looking for the simplest bed frame in Canada, this is where your search ends!

The GhostBed all-metal bed frame can fit in with any type of room decor you have.And if you think that metal is not up to par with the ambient of your room, don’t worry – the rods can be hidden with the zip-on cover that comes as part of the whole package.

Aside from the design, this bed frame is fully compatible with any type of mattress – foam, hybrid, innerspring, or latex. Moreover, the construction comes with brackets that can fit all standard headboards or footboards.

The GhostBed All-in-One Foundation doesn’t need a box spring. Its metal design has evenly spaced slats that protect the mattress and keep it safe for many years to come.All the while, you get a good night’s rest and kick things off in the morning energized!Simplicity is entwined even in the bed frame’s very construction. The whole frame comes with 5 pieces that can be easily attached, and stats that can fold and unfold.You will also see that there are 9 adjustable legs that you can twist in the frame, lifting it up from the ground at around 3 to 6 inches.

Of course, you add to this the 38cm of height from the metal structure, and you are guaranteed a sleep that feels much like floating in the fluffy clouds.

Attaching the legs of this bed frame is not a must. In fact, if that’s your jam, you can try the Japanese minimalistic style and simply go “leg-less”. There is a different level of comfort when sleeping on a futon that makes for proper grounding.

Having in mind the simple design, your bed can be easily folded and stored. This makes it perfect for smaller apartments where every bit of space counts. Or, if you simply plan on moving in a short period, but don’t want to sleep on a plain futon all the time, this is the product that delivers.

All it takes is no more than 10 minutes – at best – to have your bed sleep-ready. Unlike other bed frames that come with too complicated instructions and papers in languages that you don’t understand, GhostBed offers a simple video guideline to follow along with.

Less than 5 minutes is all it takes for you to learn how to put the entire bed frame together. And no, you won’t need any additional tools – the assembly is simple enough for any user to do.

Another stellar thing about the GhostBed is the free shipping and flexibility when it comes to paying for the product. Even so, the cherry on top is the warranty the brand offers. Impressively, the GhostBed bed frame comes with a 20-year warranty – one of the highest in the Canadian market for this product.

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Best for Under Bed Storage: Zinus 14 Inch Classic Metal Platform Bed Frame

Product Specifications:

Zinus creates the simplest, yet most practical bed frames in the Canadian market. This frame is not just a bed. With 12 to 18 inches in height, you can practically place anything under it and enjoy an expansive storage area and a heavenly sleeping post.

Place your off-season clothes, beddings, suitcases, or even china that you don’t use as often underneath it. No need to clutter your wardrobe either – the under-bed area is spacious enough to keep all your possessions in one place, just like having a second closet.

Don’t worry, this is not Zinus’s only strong side. This bed frame is fully made of steel and all that it takes to set it up are a few twists and turns of your screwdriver. The strong construction can support any type of mattress and there are openings in two of the legs – perfect for attaching a headboard.

You can say goodbye to the box spring because the steel rods of this bed frame are perfectly capable of holding up to 350 pounds. This will keep your mattress safe and let you get enough sleep to start the day on the right foot!

Let’s not forget, the bed frame comes with non-slip tape on the wooden slats which doesn’t let the mattress move away.

Zinus knows how frustrating setting up a bed frame can be – nobody wants to play around with puzzles after a long day of work. For that reason, their package comes with the simplest instructions that any user can follow.

All in all, you will need only a few minutes to assemble the rods without any extra tools.

If all of this doesn’t entice you, you will be happy to know that the simple design can be shaped to your preference. The edges of the frame can be rounded to give more of a soft vibe to your bed.

But if you want to be edgier, then the bold squared corners are definitely more your style – they will give off that sophisticated yet not too flashy look.

Last but not least, who would buy anything today without a guarantee? Even the smallest appliances come with at least a year-long warranty.Lucky for you, this one comes with 5!

Zinus takes pride in the durability and quality of its products which is why its warranties don’t last as long as in other bed frames. Don’t look at the time and think that you will not be able to replace it.

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Best Textile-Woven Bed Frame: Casper Upholstered Bed Frame

Product Specifications:

Do you ever look at your bed and think how cozy it looks, calling you from over there, its warmth radiating and pulling you in, promising the best sleep of your life? That is the exact sensation the Upholstered Bed Frame emits.

It’s not like any other bed frames where you only get metal rods and the rest is up to you. This bed frame comes with 3 different woven custom-made textiles that cover up the whole frame, giving it a more sophisticated vibe.

To add more to the design, these textiles can come in gray, natural, or midnight. Now you don’t have to worry about it not fitting the color pattern in your room.

Don’t just stick to the outside – the inner part of this bed frame is not to be dismissed. There are strong wood slats and steel rods that provide strong support. This way, you don’t need a box spring for your mattress.

That being said, the Upholstered Bed Frame can fit any type of Casper’s mattresses or can be comfortably used with any other foam mattress.

The sides are curved which contributes to the modern style. But more importantly, this curve is intentionally placed, knowing that edgy sides might cause involuntary damage.

Another thing to give off that luxurious feeling is the ledge on the sides. You can leave up some space on your frame to give your bed more frame or just enough to rest your legs before going to bed.

All of this might sound too much and when you see that the product comes in two boxes, you may be wondering how you can set it all up.

Don’t fret – you just need one tool to get your bed ready for the night. Use the small hook that is part of the package, slide the whole frame together, and put the cover over the frame.

Finally, you get a 2 years warranty for this product. But, to ease your surprise at the short guarantee, the manufacturer gives free shipping and also allows free returns of the bed frame.

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Best for a Squeak-Free Sleep: Zinus 14 Inch SmartBase Mattress Foundation

Product Specifications:

Don’t you hate it when you jump in your bed, ready to be whisked away to dreamland only to get that dreadful squeaking sound with every turn you make? Or when you sleep at night and decide to switch a positing and there it is – the sound that immediately breaks your perfect slumber?

Say goodbye to that startling noise and meet your new bed frame that is quieter than a mouse. This Zinus bed frame comes with special attachments in the rods that give you the chance to truly enjoy your sleep.

The ends of the legs are covered with plastic cups making it inaudible even if you move it around. Plus, it protects your floor from getting scratches all over.

It doesn’t matter how much you twist and turn, this construction will never budge even an inch. You can finally get the rest you’ve been dreaming of!

There is no need for a box spring because the rods are evenly set among the whole frame, making it stable and secure for any type of mattress – foam, string, or latex. At the same time, the sturdy frame keeps the mattress safe from sagging, but more importantly, it makes it easily foldable.

And to give you even more perks, the bed frame is 13 inches high, which makes it perfect for storing the things you’re not using daily. But, does the open storage space suit your overall ambient in the room? Don’t fret – put on the bed skirt and you can hide everything that is underneath.

Best Bed Frames in Canada for 2022 Don't miss anything!

The simple design allows for this bed frame to be combined with any style of interior design. Of course, if you want you can add brackets to the side which will allow you to place a headboard or footboard.

If you are afraid that the assembly might be too difficult, let us ease your mind – there are no tools needed! You just unpack the simple, compact box and piece the puzzle one element at a time. With some hands-on effort and minutes of your time, you will marvel at your new and improved bed setting!

Last but not least, there is a 5-year manufacturer warranty the brand offers, thus giving you to make the most of this bed frame for years to come.

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Most Unique Design: Tic Tac Toe

Product Specifications:

Are you a lover of puzzles? Do you enjoy playing tic-tac-toe? Well, put these two together and you can devise the ideal ‘land of dreams’ setting.

Tic Tac Toe is a bed frame that literally looks like a tic-tac-toe board. Of course, it comes bigger in size and features many more rows and columns. Made from natural Birch plywood, this bed frame is one of the strongest wood-based frames on the market.

The 9 legs are glued together with zero VOC, water-based, non-toxic glue, whereas the whole structure is coated with oil. This oil protects the frame from vermins and gives off a perfect natural glow.

The frame’s slats overlap with each other, each one neatly fitting with the other and creating a vast board. Because it has so many of them, the whole bed frame comes in 2 boxes. One contains only the slats – and the other is the base.

Considering it’s made from wood, Tic Tac Toe is a bed frame that doesn’t create squeaky sounds. It is also compatible with any type of mattress and you can – but don’t have to – put up a box spring.

Because of its minimalistic design, this bed frame is perfect for anyone that likes the modern yet simplistic feel. It can easily blend in with any type of surrounding and aesthetic.

Some more good news about the Tic Tac Toe – you don’t need any tools to assemble it. Once it arrives at your doorstep, you unpack it, check the online tutorial video found on the brand website, and start piecing the puzzle as a whole. Aside from instructions that come with the package, there are also online instructions to rely on.

To top it all, the delivery of this bed frame takes only 7 business days and the manufacturer offers a 5 years guarantee.

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Most Modern Bed Frame: GhostBed Adjustable Base

Product Specifications:

If you want the futuristic feel, but also want to get the best sleep of your life, then Adjustable Base is the right fit for you. This bed frame has everything you need to prepare your bed in a way that best suits your dose-off needs.

First off, you can elevate your feet or your head with just a push of a button. This bed frame comes with a remote that allows you to lift the mattress in the position that you prefer. It’s perfect for everyone who suffers from some physical injury and/or requires additional care during their sleep.

To make the product even better, the bed structure comes with an integrated massager. This whisper-quiet masseuse comes in 2 massage units and offers 15 modes, providing the perfect relaxation for any stress level or sore muscle.

The frame is made of steel, but if you feel that this clashes with your room’s style, you can add the charcoal gray cover. This allows the bed frame to adapt to the setting and give a more lavish and modern look.

You can be at ease knowing that the mattress won’t slip since it has a non-skid surface and a steel bar at the base of the frame. That prevents the futon from moving around, no matter how high you adjust the head.

Because this is not enough, the Adjustable Base bed frame also comes with USB ports. You can recharge your phone or other devices without moving too much. And, if you want to add a more mysterious or soft look to the room, there are LED lights placed right under the bed.

All in all, there are 19 functions on the remote – foot up, foot down, head massager, TV preset position, and even an anti-snore button. The latter allows you to adapt the whole bed to a position where you won’t be bothered by your partner’s loud snores.

You only need 20 minutes to assemble the whole piece. No tools, no additional pieces. Simply follow the video on the GhostBed site and in less than half an hour, you will have the bed you never knew you wanted.

The frame is completely compatible with any mattress and doesn’t require a box spring. Plus, there are additional brackets that you can add and complete the whole picture by adding a headboard – or a footboard.

Add the free shipping and the lifetime warranty on top of its other features – and you basically have a wholesome product to use. Put it together and let it pull you into the magical world of relaxation!

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Drifting Off to Dreamland: Guide to Buying the Best Bed Frame in Canada

Bed frames play an important role in providing you with the best sleep possible.Yes, there are many households that opt out of using a bed frame, but the fact still remains that this part can drastically elevate the quality of your sleep.

Many people think that it’s the mattress’ fault if they are not getting a good night’s sleep. But what happens if your mattress is new and you’re still not getting that beauty rest? Bed frames are the natural support system and contribute to a healthier and sounder sleeping experience.

But it’s not only about sleep. A good bed frame can help your room get the vibe you were hoping for. Many frames don’t come with a headboard and that shows a more daring side to you.

If your room gives out a luxurious feeling, adding the wrong bed frame can break that spell.

As you might have guessed, there are many options in Canada when it comes to choosing a bed frame. Should it be something with a canopy? Do you want to have the option to add a headboard or a footboard? The possibilities stop only where your imagination does!

We know how important this item is and that is why we devised this short guide that can help you in your search for the perfect bed frame. After all, we spend a third of our life in bed, which makes choosing a great one a priority.

This is one of the first things a bed frame buyer should consider. After all, you don’t want to buy a metal structure only to have it bent after just a week of use.

Or, take a wooden bed frame for example. You’d want this type to be the best and have a protective coating as well since wood is an easy target for various small bugs and termites.

However, wooden frames are usually built thicker and thus are quite sturdy and can hold up more weight.

In general, bed frames are only sold after they’ve been thoroughly tested. Many shops will give you the chance to try out a product first before you decide to get it.

Just like when you go to the store and lie on a mattress to see if it works for you, you can do the same with your bed frame but with one difference – you can test it at home.

Because there is no point in trying the frame in-store and because most items are bought online now, many manufacturers give a few weeks or months’ time for you to return the product. In addition to that, you get a warranty of a few years.

Again, the bed frame market in Canada is vast and you have thousands of options to choose from. You can choose according to your overall style, look for something that would fit ith with your room’s aesthetic, or opt for something that just puts you to sleep the right way.

Lucky for you, bed frames come in all shapes and sizes. There are different types, materials, styles, and sizes, and moreover, there are different bed frame extras to consider as well.

So what should you keep an eye on?

Bed frames are a serious investment, so here are some tips that can help you decide what type of frame is best suited for you.

Always make sure that the frame you get fits inside the room. When we say fit, we mean purchasing a bed structure that will suit the proportion and size of your room.

You don’t want to buy a bed frame that will take up all of your space and leave you with no place to move. At the same time, you don’t want to get a frame that would be too small for the room and lose itself in it.

Ideally, you should have 45cm to each side of the bed. This would give you enough space to maneuver freely – dress in front of your wardrobe or vacuum around the bed without having to move every single thing around it.

While talking about size, we need to mention the mattress as well. You should always know the size of your mattress and get the bed frame that would be the perfect mold for it. There is no point in getting one that would be bigger than your mattress or worse – smaller.

And last but not least, think of how many people would be using that bed. If it’s only you, then a twin bed will be perfect. But, if you are looking for something for you and your partner then check for a king’s size.

Here is a simple tip to know you’ve made the right choice. When two people are lying on the bed, you should be able to cross your hands behind your head and not touch the elbows. As for the length, always choose a frame that is longer than the tallest person sleeping on it.

Bed frames are not just a support system. As we said, there are many people that choose to not use a bed frame and go for a simple futon on the ground. But, some people don’t see the comfort in this sleeping position which is why bed frames were created.

The main point of bed frames is to lift you off the ground while sleeping. Some people have said that sleeping in such an elevated state has improved their overall sleep.

So as you can see, the height of the frame can be an important part. Firstly because of the chance to use your bed as a second storage space. If the height is good enough, below the bed frame is where you can place all things that you’re not using.

But more importantly, the height influences how easily you get in and out of bed. If it’s too high you will have to jump or purchase additional gadgets to help you climb up.This also applies to getting out of bed.

The perfect height would be the one that allows you to touch the ground when you sit on the bed. Or, to be more precise, look for a bed frame that is more or less equal to the height of your knee.

Here, we’re talking about preferences. Are you leaning more toward minimalism? Maybe you’re down for practicality or want a flamboyant, upholstered creamy material gracing the sides of the frame?

The details of your chosen bed frame are all up to you. There are many options that you can choose from depending on your sleeping needs, budget, and available space.

Another important thing you should always consider is the material of the bed frame. Mostly, this item is constructed from steel rods or wood. But both have their advantages and shortcomings.

If you choose a metal rod you should know that even though they are more durable, they might generate that annoying creaking sound. There are some bed frames that are constructed with additional bolts and parts that should work toward suppressing this sound.

But, in most cases, the frame doesn’t come with these, so if you choose this material, you should get ready for the small squeaks. But don’t worry, they are easily fixable.A few tightening of the bolts or maybe adding a little oil and they should be good as new.

On the other hand, if you choose the wooden frame, you should go for one that is coated in all necessary oils. As we mentioned, wood can fall victim to different vermins that can damage its whole structure.

The best thing you can do to prevent any damage done to this material is to check its status as often as you can and even paint over the wood for additional protection. There are special types of colors that are transparent but provide the needed protection for the wood.

The more prominent wooden bed frames are not likely to ever need a second coating. But to be on the safe side, always double-check with the manufacturer.

This is probably the first question we ask when we are buying a new product. The price of an item almost always determines if we decide to purchase it or not.

And it’s the same with a bed frame. However, this is not something you buy often so spending a little more on this purchase is understandable – and a little bit advisable.

You might think that a bed frame is a simple basis so why bother buying something expensive when they all have the same purpose. As much as this logic makes sense, the fact still remains that the pricier types offer more stability.

Namely, the more expensive bed frames are made from higher-quality materials and are easier to assemble. They come with thicker slats, additional gadgets, and items that are there to help you get the best sleep possible.

Plus, most of them don’t require a box spring. And don’t forget that a higher budget can give you a chance to get better designs.

However, this doesn’t mean that you must buy a pricier bed frame. There are many bed structures that are on the budget and can suit all your needs. The choices we’ve mentioned above have some good bed frames that won’t cost you a fortune. As an idea, the average bed frame cost rounds up at $216 and goes up depending on the features included in the package.

The Road to the Land of Dreams: Final Verdict

All in all, bed frames are an essential point to getting a good night’s rest. You can’t expect that the mattress can do all the work when the basis of it is mainly falling apart.

Shopping for the best bed frame in Canada can be exhausting and take time and comparisons of different options. However, whatever bed frame you end up choosing ought to be tailored to your space, fit for your budget, and provide the sleep-inducing properties you’re looking for.To get more information on top-quality brands for bed frames, compare online reviews or choose one of the top contenders on our list!

FAQs About Bed Frames in Canada

Box spring is a bed base that you place on top of your bed frame to give additional support to your mattress. This item has a wooden frame covered in cloth and the inside is filled with evenly distributed springs. The idea of the box spring is to save the mattress from sagging and prolonging its life.

Yes! Once you get your frame delivered to your doorstep, just unpack it and follow the instructions to piece it together. Most bed frames are very simple and easy to assemble. They come with instructions or you can find a video tutorial to guide you step-by-step through the process. The best part is – the most prominent bed frames don’t require any additional tools to set them up – just your hands and a few minutes to spare!

Bed frames that are made from heavier material are best for a foam mattress.This includes a structure fully made of steel or bed frames that are designed with metal on the outside edges of the frame but have horizontal wooden slats in the middle. Ideally, it’s advised to use a box spring with your foam mattress because of its strength and stability.

Every bed frame has its good sides so it all boils down to what you’re after. Each person has different sleeping needs, be it structure-, space-, feature- or budget-wise. What may work for some users might not work for others. As a rule of thumb, first, decide what you need and want out of the bed frame, and only then go shopping. Each of the frames we mentioned in this article is on top of all lists for 2022.

The price for a bed frame in Canada will vary depending on what you want to get out of it. There are bed frame structures that are simple, but then there are some that have more features added to them. Naturally, this makes them more expensive.

In general, a bed frame can start as low as $100 and go to thousands of dollars. It all depends on the style, size, and other variables.