Best organic mattress: 10 natural mattresses that are eco-friendly and non-toxic

You're always looking to live your life a little healthier and sustainably, and it's more than easier to take the lifestyle to your bedroom. We're talking about the best organic mattresses, and it seems like there are more options than ever that cater to showcasing the best in natural mattresses.

Of course, that begs the question, what is an organic mattress?Like the food you buy and the organic buzzwords you see carrying over into your favorite clothes, soft goods, and, many of the same certifications apply to mattresses as well. An organic mattress is made with organic and non-toxic materials, and will usually have undergone rigorous testing and certifications to back up their product.

Avocado Green has come the de facto pick for all things organic sleep, and they're a carbon negative business meaning they voluntarily offset more than 100% of their emissions, from resource extraction to shipping. Each mattress is handmade in LA,and comes with a lengthy list of eco-credentials regarding the materials and processes to make your new mattress. It's also ace at sleeping cool and offers relief from aches and pains.

The Avocado Green Mattress is made with a combination of GOTS-certified cotton and wool (though a wool-free vegan option is available too), plus latex that has been responsibly and sustainably harvested.The mattress is hand-tufted in up to 32 locations to bind the various layers together, without any chemical adhesives, and it improves durability.

The top latex layer is gently yielding and sits on top of a layer of tempered steel coils, while five zones support different areas of the body to give overall comfort and prevent motion transfer.

The mattress is a medium-firm, the company puts it at 7 out of 10 on the scale, so a good option for back and lighter side snoozers as well as stomach sleepers.We noticed it offers great support on your back and stomach and when you flip to the side, the mattress molds to you without that sinking feeling that makes it hard to get back out.Those looking for additional comfort will be delighted to know there's an option to opt for a European-style pillowtop, which offers an additional two-inch cradling layer of latex rubber foam for even better pressure relief.

RRP: $1,849- $3,249Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California KingDepth: 11.5"Type: HybridComfort: Medium-FirmSleep trial: 100 nightsWarranty: 25 yearsEco Certifications: GOLS certified organic latex, GOTS certified organic cotton, Wool Integrity NZ, GREENGUARD Gold, eco-INSTITUT, FSC, Rainforest Alliance, Standard 100 by OEKO-TEXVegan? : No+3 organic cashmere and wool comfort layers+Zoned lumbar support for enhanced contouring+Great edge support+Sleeps cool and moisture-wicking-May be too soft for some

The Birch Luxe Natural Mattress is everything you could want in a mattress: it sleeps cool, features luxurious eco-friendly materials (cashmere anyone?) and offers the right amount of support, just where you need it.

The Birch Luxe is the premium upgrade to the Birch Natural Mattress and features a quilted organic cotton Euro top with a matelassé woven cotton cover, three organic cashmere and wool comfort layers, zoned lumbar support for enhanced contouring, and full edge support for structure.

The Birch Luxe is well-suited to all sleep types with a medium-firm feel, though some reviewers found it too soft for their liking. The bed itself is naturally cooling and temperature regulating with, with its combination of cotton cover, ultra-fine cashmere, naturally hygroscopic wool, and buoyant Talalay latex that allows for better airflow.

RRP: $1,489- $3,376Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King, Split KingDepth: 10"Type: LatexComfort: Luxury Plush or Gentle FirmSleep trial: 180 daysWarranty: 20 yearsEco certifications: GOTS certified organic cotton and woolVegan?: No+Free set up and mattress removal+Enhanced lumbar support to keep your back from sinking out of alignment+Flippable design for either luxury plush or gentle firm feel-Certifications not listed, but marketed as organic

While we tend to gravitate toward hybrid designs, if you're looking for a completely latex design, the Saatva Zenhaven mattress is made from 100% natural latex, which is organic, hypoallergenic and antimicrobial.The latex is also far more durable, breathable and buoyant than any type of polyurethane foam.

The Zenhaven utilizes five different zones of varying latex density, such as increased lumbar region support and a latex support core for added durability. A layer of New Zealand wool serves as a nontoxic flame retardant barrier while the breathable cotton cover is treated with Guardin, a nontoxic, botanical antimicrobial treatment to inhibit any mold or mildew growth.

The design is flippable, depending on your desired firmness. Though most sleepers opt for luxury plush for a zero-gravity feel, those looking for a firmer mattress will enjoy the gentle firm, which Saatva claims is 18% firmer to give stomach and back sleepers more uplifting, pressure-free support.

RRP: $2,599-$4,398Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King, Split King, Split QueenDepth: 9", 10" or 12"Type: LatexComfort: Medium or firmWarranty: 25 yearsEco Credentials: GOLS certified organic latex, GOTS certified organic wool, GOTS certified organic cotton, GREENGUARD Gold, FSC, eco-INSTITUT, Control Union, USDA OrganicVegan?: Available+Very customizable with preferred thickness and comfort level+Made with organic materials+The cover can be unzipped to create different levels of firmness+Breathable+Bouncy-Mattress is heavy, making it tedious to swap around latex layers-Does not isolate motion as well as memory foam

The PlushBeds Botanical Bliss offers one of the most customizable options in terms of depth and firmness, and even size, to find the best mattress for your sleep needs — and it's completely organic.

The latex mattress is hand-crafted with a GOTS certified organic cotton cover, over 10 pounds of temperature-regulating GOTs certified wool (also a natural flame retardant), and three layers of latex, including a Talalay latex layer for comfort, followed by two Dunlop latex layers for pressure support. The depth of each layer depends on the mattress thickness you choose, with the thickest 12" mattress also featuring a layer of latex.

The mattress is available in both medium and medium- firm comfort levels; however you can unzip the cover to rotate and further customize the layers of latex. The interchangeable layers make it a top pick for all sleep styles, and those unsure about which mattress firmness to choose. And if you have a partner who prefers a completely different mattress feeling, the availability of split queen, king, and California king models ensures that everyone can sleep happy.

The Latex offers a buoyant feeling that gently cradles the pressure points of your body for a responsive feel that won't leave you feeling like you're sinking.However, you may experience some motion transfer.

For those looking for a vegan option, the Natural Bliss Mattress is comparable in construction and design, and uses a combination of hydrated silica and plant fibers as a natural fire barrier instead of wool.

RRP: $1,099-$2,099Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California KingDepth: 12"Type: HybridComfort: Plush, Medium, or FirmSleep Trial: 1 yearWarranty: LifetimeEco Credentials: OEKO-TEX® 100% Natural Dunlop Latex, Certi-PUR Transitional Comfort FoamVegan?: No+Made to order in 12-16 business days+Option to purchase a replacement comfort layer in future to not replace entire mattress+Dual firmness option in king/cal king sizes-Recommended to rotate mattress every six months-Does feature foam

Could the Nest Bedding Owl Natural Latex Hybrid be the very last mattress you ever buy? In addition to a lifetime warranty, Nest Bedding uniquely offers the ability to swap out a new comfort layer, called the Lifetime Renewal Exchange, whichcan be redeemed either during your first 365-night trial period or years after.

This effectively extends the lifespan of your mattress and keeps mattresses out of landfills.

The latex hybrid is available in three comfort layers: firm, medium, and soft according to your sleep preferences. Couples who sleep on a King or California King bed will have the option to split layers. The latex utilizes a method referred to as Continuous Pour, which evenly distributes latex particles within the manufacturing process and creates the most consistent density possible. It is suggested to rotate or flip the comfort layer every six months to distribute wear evenly.

Below the natural Dunlop latex comfort layer, the reinforced steel coils are sandwiched between an eco-friendly Certi-PUR transitional comfort foam and a support base foam, that is purely structural.

RRP: $1,199- $1,899Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal KingDepth: 12"Type: Latex HybridComfort: MediumTrial: 1 yearWarranty: ForeverEco Credentials: Certi-PUR US, Rainforest Alliance certificationVegan?: No+Extra bounce from thick 4" latex layer+Plush Euro-top layer made with organic cotton and wool+Good temperature control+10 trees are donated for every mattress purchased+Forever Warranty-Not GOTS/GOLS certified

The AwaraPremier Latex Hybrid Mattress is all-natural, organic, and non-toxic, and is insanely well-priced among it's competitors. A queen costs just over $1,500!In this design, organic Dunlop latex and innerspring coils create a cool, natural night's sleep.

The Awara mattress is a medium firmness mattress and provides more "give" than other latex hybrids on the market. The Premier uses a 4" layer of Dunlop latex at the top (the thickest of any latex hybrid on the market). As a result, it makes an excellent pick for any side and stomach sleepers, as well as an excellent choice for lighter-weight back sleepers (or anyone under 200 lbs).

Plus, since it's a hybrid, the motion transfer won't be as good as a memory foam mattress, but you'll make up for it with extra bounce and edge support.

While latex is known to be more breathable than memory foam, the coil spring base promotes even more airflow, which will soothe hot sleepers.

Organic materialsThe certified-organic cotton cover is filled with a naturally fire-retardant wool comfort layer. It is free of chemical flame retardants, formaldehyde, and polyurethane-based foams.

RRP: $1,199- $2,499Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal KingDepth: 10"Type: InnerspringComfort: Medium-FirmTrial: 90 daysWarranty: 10 yearsEco Certifications: GOTS, Made-Safe, UL/GreenguardVegan?: No+Latex-free for those who may be allergic+Support coils made without any glue adhesives-Edge support could be better-Faint wool smell at beginning

It's true that the organic mattress industry is dominated by latex models, but that isn't always the case. Naturepedic may be most well-known for its eco-friendly baby beddin, but their organic mattress collection, including the Naturepedic Chorus Mattress, a traditional innerspring is one of the best organic and non-toxic options you can buy. The universal medium feel will appeal to all sleep types.

The top cover is made from organic wool, organic cotton, and PLA (a fiber made from non-GMO sugarcane), followed by a layer of micro-coils designed to help relieve pressure. The combination of natural cotton fiberfill and an inner coil construction also makes it very breathable.

Naturepedic manufactures its own encased coils, made of high carbon-content steel, heat-tempering and extra turns ensure long lasting durability and good motion isolation. They also manufacture their mattresses that are made without adhesives or glues.

Due to the organic nature, some buyers have noted an initial farm-like smell due to the wool that does dissipate, and others mentioned the edge support could be better.

RRP: $3,075-$5,950Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal KingDepth: 8"Type: Latex memory foamComfort: FirmTrial: 120 daysWarranty: 20 yearsEco Certifications: GOLS certified organic latex, GOTS certified organic cotton, Made-Safe, UL/GreenguardVegan?: Yes+Made with proprietary latex foam that is cooler and more responsive than conventional memory foam+Fully vegan and hypoallergenic+Sleeps cooler-On the thin side-May be too firm for side sleepers

Best organic mattress: 10 natural mattresses that are eco-friendly and non-toxic

Canadian mattress brand Essentia prides itself as being the only maker of organic natural memory foam mattresses. The secret: latex that replicates the feeling that memory foam lovers just can't and won't give up. And this latex-based foam sleepers cooler and reacts faster.

The natural memory foam utilizes Hevea milk, known as the Milky white "sap" of the Rubber tree, collected much like Maple tree sap, that is that is mixed with other essential natural and organic ingredients that once combined help to achieve the distinctive feel and proper consistency.

The Classic 8 mattress is best for stomach and back sleepers, and offers a firm feel that molds to your body to offer excellent pressure relief and spinal alignment. It also sleeps cool, with the ability to sleep up to 3 degrees cooler than your internal body temperature over an 8 hour sleep cycle.

In addition to being vegan, the mattress is allergy friendly and hypoallergenic and completely resistant to dust mites and other allergens.

RRP: $4,199- $6,998Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Queen, King, California King, Split KingDepth: 15"Type: HybridComfort: Medium-SoftSleep trial: 1 yearWarranty: 25 yearsEco Credentials: GOLS certified organic latex, GOTS certified organic wool, GOTS certified organic cotton, MadeSafe, GREENGUARD Gold, Formaldehyde Free Certified, FSC, Climate Neutral, Responsible Wool Standard, Standard 100 by OEKO-TEXVegan: No+Up to 21 layers of organic and natural latex, wool, mohair, silk, flax, and cotton, combined with individually pocketed coils arranged in five zones for support and motion isolation.+Optional pillow top for added plushness+Good for partners of restless sleepers+Includes In-home setup (and mattress removal) +Certified B-Corp and carbon neutral+In home set up-Very expensive-Requires deep-pocketed sheets -Needs to be rotated-Not for those looking for firm mattresses ( ie. stomach sleepers)

If you're after an indulgent treat and a certain cloud-like feeling, Avocado's softest design ever features up to 21 layers of premium organic materials including organic and natural latex, wool, mohair, silk, flax, and cotton.It's appropriately named the Organic Luxury Plush Mattress, and it also has up to 3,136 individually pocketed coils arranged in five zones for support and motion isolation.

The mattress is rated at medium-soft, and customers have referred to it as "magic," "divine" and "blissful," noting its perfect combination of firmness and support.Now, if you want a full-on soft mattress, you can add on an additional pillow top, which pushes the mattress to 18" thick, and also features a second layer of low-profile pocketed coils in the topper for added contouring support.

Both versions will require deep-pocketed sheets. Also, to keep the warranty, the mattress must be rotated head-to-toe, once a month for the first six months, then every other month, to ensure even wear.

RRP: $899-$1,899Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King, Split KingDepth: 13"Type: Dual-Sided HybridComfort: Medium and FirmSleep trial: 1 yearWarranty: 25 yearsEco Credentials: Greenguard Gold, CERTI-PUR-US, eco-INSTITUT-certified, Climate Neutral, FSC Latex, Fair Trade Cotton, Certified VeganVegan: Yes+No wool+Flippable design to choose preferred sleeping surface+Handles make it easier to flip+Charitable component-Uses memory foam-Mattress can be heavy for single person to flip

Brentwood Home's Crystal Cove hybrid mattress has a vegan-certified construction, meaning it has no wool, and bonus, was specifically designedto keep those with active lifestyles in mind.

The Crystal Cove mattress is flippable, with a medium soft side for active recovery featuring two inches of naturally cool activated charcoal-infused plush CERTI-PUR-US memory foam. Or for a more supportive experience and additional pressure relief, flip to the gentle-firm side with 2-inches of natural Dunlop latex. Between the two materials are hundreds of individually pocketed coils that provide zoned support and edge control.

In place of wool or any hazardous materials, the flame-retardant barrier is made from natural silica quartz — completely free from chemical flame retardants.

We also love the charitable component that comes with every Crystal Cove mattress: for each mattress purchased, Brentwood Home builds one complete Relief Bed for charity, which benefits the needs of the homeless, impoverished, shelter residents, and victims of natural disasters.

Organic Mattress FAQ

Why buy an organic mattress?

People are prioritizing the use of organic mattresses in their bedrooms for a number of reasons, for both environmental and health reasons.

They're non-toxicThe mattress industry is notoriously known for not being the most transparent about its materials and manufacturing processes, and a lot of it comes down to sneaky chemicals. Luckily, organic mattress companies are working to hold brands accountable industry wide as consumers ask more questions about how their mattresses are made.

People choose organic mattresses because they want to avoid unnecessary exposure to chemicals. They're also less likely to negatively effect those with skin sensitivities and allergies.

Organic mattresses are made from natural products containing no pesticides. Organic mattresses will be free of any chemical flame retardants and PBDEs, formaldehyde, and benzene, and even common materials that can pose a hazard like polyurethane. Looking for certifications like MADESAFE or GOTS/GOLS ensure that the materials have been rigorously tested to be better for you.

They have no odorsMost memory foam mattress require an offgassing period after being compressed and a gaseous odor lingers for a few days.Many organic mattresses are GreenGuard certified, meaning they are certified to be low chemical emissions. The

They tend to sleep coolerWhether you choose a latex mattress or a hybrid design, organic mattresses tend to sleep much cooler than memory foam designs, as latex by default is cooler than memory foam, which can trap heat.

They're sustainably made and ethically sourcedAn organic mattress should be produced with sustainability in mid.For instance, sourcing natural, renewable materials like latex and cotton is better on the environment. They'll often be made in fair-trade environments, some use biodegradable materials, and really take into account their environmental impact by working to offset their carbon footprint, and working to keep product out of landfills.

What to look for in an organic mattress

A mattress can be labeled and marketed as organic if it contains just 30% organic material. For instance, material callouts with plant-derived material or "bamboo" that is actually rayon. To recognize if your mattress is partially organic or fully (the ideal), you'll want to look for the following.

No chemical-based flame retardant chemicalsInstead look for wool, or other natural alternatives such as natural graphite powder or hydrated silica

Made with certified organic materialsCheck that the mattress in its entirety is organic, and not just the cotton cover. Look for cotton, wool and latex, certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) Certified cotton or wool, GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard) Certified Latex, and CERTIPUR-US foams if you can't part with memory foam

Common ECO Certifications:The most common eco-certifications

Latex mattresses

Latex has grown immensely popular in mattresses as it sleeps cooler than memory foam, is durable, supportive, hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, dust mite resistant and mold resistant.

Latex is a natural material made from rubber tree sap. Extracting the sap does not harm the tree, making them an extremely ecofriendly and sustainable material. There are also two core types of natural latex, Dunlop and Talalay, which refers to how they were made.

Dunlop latex has a springy feel, that is relatively dense and firm, making it ideal for support but less so for comfort. The manufacturing process, is akin to baking. It's made by filling a mold with liquid latex before using a vulcanization process, leaving the mode denser on the bottom and lighter the top.

Talalay latex has a bouncy, softer feel thanks to its less dense design. It's also considered to be more breathable. It's usually more expensive to produce due to the extra step in the manufacturing process, where air is added to the mold, and ultimately creates a uniform fill and density.

However, not all latex is natural, so when searching for a latex mattress you will want to make sure the type of latex is specified. Some mattresses are partially or completely composed of synthetic latex foam, which is typically made from SBR, or styrene-butadiene rubber. Note, none of the mattresses in guide feature synthetic latex.

Vegan and organic mattresses

Vegan mattresses simply means that no animals were involved with manufacturing, and will not use materials like feathers, wool, or down.

Not all vegan mattresses are organic as most organic mattresses use wool as a natural, non-toxic flame retardant and incorporate it into the design for it temperature regulating characteristics. On the other hand, memory foam mattresses can technically be vegan, but they're more likely to feature conventional materials that may feature the chemicals you're looking to avoid.

Now, we imagine if you're looking for a vegan mattress, it's likely that you care that it has been produced in a sustainable and nontoxic way too. We've noticed that some brands like Avocado, Naturepedic, Plushbeds, Brentwood Home and more offer vegan mattresses that utilize cotton, and plant-based, nontoxic materials. We've also noted whether each of the mattresses in this guide are vegan, or have a vegan alternative.

Can memory foam mattresses be organic?

Memory foam mattresses are not organic, because at their core they are manmade, but they can be eco-friendly. If you can't quite give up the feel of memory foam, seek out makes that only use CERTIPUR-US foams in its mattresses: meaning they're low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs) for minimal offgassing and free of ozone depleters; PBDEs, TDCPP, and TCEP flame retardants; mercury, lead, and other heavy metals; formaldehyde; and phthalates.

Alternatively, brands have created their own "memory foam," such as Essentia with its proprietary latex memory foam formed from hevea milk, the milky white "sap" of the Rubber tree, or even Amerisleep (though not on this list) that uses its own plant-based foam blend.