Car Idling is Illegal in 32 States, Is it Illegal in Arkansas?

On a cold morning like this morning, it's only natural to want to warm up your vehicle before you drive into work or run those last-minute Christmas errands. The steering wheel is cold the seat of your car is freezing and the heater takes forever to get going. But it is legal to leave your car idling in Arkansas or Texas so it will be all toasty warm for you?

According to Reader's Digest, Thirty-two states say it's illegal to do this. I remember as a kid my mom or my friend's mom would run outside, start the car then come back into the house to give the car engine and the inside of the car 5 to 10 minutes to warm up. Then we'd all bundle up into a toasty warm car for our ride to school.

Car Idling is Illegal in 32 States, Is it Illegal in Arkansas?

Why do some states deem this illegal? First and foremost because of the pollution it causes from the vehicle's exhaust. Not to mention, theft of your vehicle could be a big possibility too. But did you know it can also be bad on your car's engine too? According to the Auto Zones website, newer vehicles (Fuel injected) only need about 30 seconds to warm up enough for driving and then to just drive slowly for the first 5 minutes to get the engine all warm.

In Texas it is ILLEGAL so don't be warming your car up by sitting it in one place and idling.

In Arkansas? It is LEGAL to let your car idle.

This is so important to know especially in a twin city like Texarkana! But remember it's never a good idea to idle your car unattended way too many things could go wrong!

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