Coco's Chalky Paints Brings New Life To 5th Street Arcades

Among many other things, Hikia “Coco” Dixon is a chemist. Similar to how she figured out the formula to her Chalky Powder, a substance that can easily be added to any latex paint to give furniture an antique look, she is also experimenting with her storefront at 5th Street Arcades.

Her paint business, Coco’s Chalky Paints, which first started two years ago in a 400-square foot shop, has expanded to 20,000 square feet. It now includes a plant shop, Coco’s Plants, which she opened shortly after the pandemic started.

Coco's Chalky Paints Brings New Life To 5th Street Arcades

“I can’t describe it, you have to come visit to really feel the pulse of my shop, because the energy inside of it is like a vortex of just peacefulness and happiness,” says Dixon. “Every space within the shop makes you feel really good.”

The area downstairs, which now houses Dixon’s Coco’s Down Under, serves as an all-in-one space that shows off what her chalky paint can do, such as transforming a large vintage china cabinet into a Kelly green statement piece ($249) or a large chest of drawers featuring a painting of Marilyn Monroe ($399). You can pick up her chalky powder ($29.99 per gallon) upstairs, or even some pre-mixed chalky paints ($9.99 each) that come in whites, blues, pinks and other colors to help bring old items back to life.

This, along with her plant shop that sells incense, live plants, candles and healing crystals, is all part of Dixon’s goal to make her store into a sanctuary for anyone who needs it, especially during challenging times.

“When I saw the shops closing, I thought, I don’t want to be around shops that are just boarded up,” says Dixon. “Then I thought, I’ll open another shop and that will be the attraction to get people in it. I wanted a place that would make someone’s home feel good.”Item We Love: Though its original color was outdated, this midcentury-style dresser ($199) is now chic enough to find a home in someone’s living room. The piece got a sunny uplift after Dixon mixed her Chalky Powder with a bright yellow latex paint.When You Go: Coco’s Chalky Paints530 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, 216-370-0263,

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