Graffiti control

Graffiti control

Graffiti is more than words and symbols sprayed on a wall. Graffiti is an act of vandalism that costshundreds of thousands of dollars to clean up every year.

Request removal

You can request graffiti removal online or by contacting 311.

Request graffiti removal

Report graffiti

Graffiti on hydro poles can be reported to Manitoba Hydro.

Graffiti on telephone poles can be reported to MTS.

About graffiti

Download the Graffiti Control Brochure

Graffiti control

Graffiti done without the owner's permission is not art, it's a CRIME!

Graffiti Removal Service

Things you should know about Winnipeg’s free, year-round graffiti removal service:

What should I do if I am the victim of graffiti?

If graffiti appears on your property, it is important to remove it as soon as possible.

Things you should know when you are the victim of graffiti:

Immediately report all graffiti in progress by phoning Police non‑emergency at 204-986-6222.


Graffiti removal and maintenance

The following information is presented as a guide only.

There are a number of effective graffiti removal products available. These products are designed to workon a variety of wall surfaces. It is a good idea to consult your local paint store or professional graffiti removalservice prior to using these products, and don’t forget to follow manufacturer’s directions.

REMINDER: When painting, do not just cover the tag. Small patches look bad and invite taggers back.Choose a top line and cover the wall down to the ground. You do not necessarily have to paint the entire wall, but make sure that it looks professional.

Tips for preventing graffiti

Minimizing graffiti on your property begins with keeping the property clean and well maintained.

Other ways to prevent graffiti include:

Charitable partnering opportunities

The graffiti removal service helps sponsor murals proposed to deter graffiti.

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