How to Manage Leftover Latex Paint

Many Union County residents are anxious to recycle leftover latex house paint. Unfortunately, there are no local or countywide latex paint recycling programs in the Union County area. Please follow the instructions below for safely disposing of leftover latex paint. Never discard leftover latex house paint in drains or yards.

— Let the paint dry thoroughly in the can with lid open. Kitty litter or commercial paint hardener can be used to speed the drying process.

— Replace the lid tightly.

— Dispose securely closed can with regular household trash.

Here are some ways to reduce paint in the waste stream:

1. Buy Only The Paint You Need

How to Manage Leftover Latex Paint

Measure the project and calculate the amount of paint needed. Your paint store clerks can assist if needed.

2. Store Paint So It Lasts for Years

Cover the opening with plastic wrap and replace the lid securely so the paint doesn’t leak, then store the paint can upside down. This will create an extremely tight seal around the lid, keeping the paint fresh until you need it again.

3. Use Leftover Paint

Label your leftover paint cans clearly, so you can easily find the right color and finish for touch-ups and other projects.

4. Donate or Exchange Your Paint

Donate leftover paint to community groups, schools, churches and others organizations, or share with friends and neighbors.

5. Recycle the Empty Paint Can

Note: Union County’s scrap metal recycling program does NOT accept paint cans. Contact your local recycling coordinator for information about any local recycling opportunities.