How To Paint a Garage Floor

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So you want to paint your garage floor? Well, you’re either preparing to sell your house or are finally fed up with working on a bed of concrete crumbs every time you need to get under the car. We’re still shaking out the pebbles from our hair and pants after the last oil change.

Garages are so often overlooked spaces during typical house sprucing, but it doesn’t have to be. Coating a garage floor with tailored concrete paint or epoxy serves dual purposes, as it provides a clean look and protects it from an army of automotive grime and chemicals. And for the cost of a few cases of good beer, it’s a professional feature that anybody could have in their own homes.

How To Paint a Garage Floor

So whether you’re sick and tired of your back looking it went three rounds with an industrial meat tenderizer, or you’re needing a weekend revamp project, The Drive’s crack How-To department is here to break down exactly how to paint a garage floor.

Rollers at the ready!

How to Paint a Garage Floor Basics

Estimated Time Needed: Up to a week

Skill Level: Beginner

Area: Garage