Looking for cheap and easy ways to freshen up your home? These DIY room decor ideas will blow your mind!

If you are thinking of giving your home a little make over, but don’t want to spend a ton of money, we have just the thing for you! In this article, you will find over 100 super quick and easy ideas for DIY room decor. Not only do they look absolutely amazing, but will save you lots of cash too! What are you waiting for? Let’s get started!


Add a tropical touch to your home with these cool, spray painted plastic leaves

Our first tutorial is creative, fun, and will bring a splash of color to your room!

DIY room decor – hand-painted mandala stool

You will need:


First, wipe the surface of the stool with a damp cloth, ensuring that there are no stains, grease, or specs of dust. Then, draw several circles on top of the chair, using the compasses. We opted for 6, but you can add as many as you like. With a pencil, make a rough sketch of your mandala’s design on the stool. If you’re not sure how to get started, check out some of our DIY articles for inspiration and tips.

Once the design of your mandala has been finalized, start adding colors of your choice until the entire top surface of the tool is covered in paint. Then, leave it to dry overnight.

When the stool has dried completely, add details, using a white permanent marker. Leave aside for a few hours and then place in your favorite spot!

And to make things easier, here is a comprehensive step-by-step of the entire process:

Drawing the circles:

Sketching the design and adding paint:

Finishing the painting process:

Adding the finishing touches with a white marker:

The final result:

A little piece of rainbow for your room!

How to transform your home with DIY:

Keep the summer in room all year round, with these adorable baskets, decorated like fruit!

Cute DIY baskets

What you will need:


Strawberry: Take the green felt and the scissors, and cut 4-5 tear drop leaf shapes. Using the glue gun, attach the shapes to the outer rim of the pastel pink basket. Next, cut out around 50 small, seed-shaped pieces of white felt. Stick them across the whole body of the basket, to make it look like a strawberry.

Pineapple: Using the scissors, cut out two shapes, resembling the crown of a pineapple, out of green felt – one smaller, and one slightly larger. Take the smaller one and stick it on the inside of the orange basket’s opening, near the rim. Try to stick the edges of the felt crown close to each other, so as to create a crease in the middle. Once done, attach the larger felt cutout behind the smaller one, using the glue gun.

Your fruit-inspired clothes baskets are ready! If you like, you can use baskets and felt in different colors, to create various types of fruit, such as watermelon, orange and more.

Easy, fast and very effective!

Try to stick the edges of the smaller felt crown cutout close to each other, so as to create a crease in the middle:

Your fruit-inspired clothes baskets are ready!

More amazing DIY room decor ideas:

And now, we have a great suggestion for those of you who’d like to create some unique wall decorations!

DIY room decor ideas for the wall

What you’ll need:


Draw the outlines of different palm leaves and branches on pieces of card in various shades of green. If you need some help, you can use a stencil. Carefully cut the shapes out with scissors, trying to be as precise as possible.

Take a piece of white card, making sure it is as big as the inside of the frame you are planning to use. Glue the darkest branch-shaped cutouts onto the white card, and then stick some palm leaf shapes on top of them, using adhesive foam squares, so as to create a 3D effect. Once done, frame the collage and hang it on your wall.

First, trace the palm leaf outlines:

Then, carefully cut them out:

Use your imagination to create many different shapes!

Glue the darker, branch-shaped cutouts first:

Then, stick the leaf shapes, using small adhesive foam squares, to create a slight 3D effect:

Add more leaves:

This lovely artwork is not only a great DIY room decor piece, but can also be given as a gift to friends or family members!

And, since fall is almost here, how about some cute DIY room decor ideas with pumpkins? We simply love this cute and funny pineapple pumpkin ornament!

Cool pumpkins

What you’ll need:


First, cover the entire surface of the pumpkin with yellow spray paint, and leave it to dry overnight. Next, cut some narrow leaf shapes in different sizes out of pale green card. Stick the longer ones around the pumpkin’s stem and repeat the process with the shorter ones, until you get the multilayered look, characteristic for pineapple crowns. As a final touch, you can add a pair of colorful sunglasses on your pumpkin pineapple.

You will only need 4 materials to create this lovely and fun DIY room decor (glue not pictured):

Don’t forget to cut out leaves in different sizes!

Spray-paint the pumpkin in yellow, let it dry, stick the longer leaves, and slightly curl their tips:

Then, add the medium leaves:

And, finally, stick the smallest ones:

Here is another fun, easy, and incredibly cute DIY room decor idea with pumpkins:

If you would like your DIY room decor to be functional, as well as beautiful, this driftwood jewelry stand is just the thing for you!

DIY jewelry stand

What you will need:


Looking for cheap and easy ways to freshen up your home? These DIY room decor ideas will blow your mind!

Select several pieces of driftwood, preferably in different sizes. Take the first piece and, using a mini drill, make holes near its ends. Cut a strip of hemp rope and slide it through both holes. Once the rope is on the other side, tie it in firm knots. This will be your jewelry stand’s handle. Next, drill five holes along the side of the driftwood, and attach five cup hooks.

Now, it’s time to get creative with that spray paint! If you like, you can cover the entire surface of the driftwood in gold, or use masking tape to create cool patterns. After the painting process, leave your jewelry stand to dry overnight, and then hang it in your room.Repeat this process with the other pieces of driftwood until you get the desired number of jewelry stands.

First things first – choose the right driftwood for your project!

You will need some hemp rope for the jewelry stand’s handle

Cup hooks – preferably in gold

Drill small holes for the handle

Spray paint the entire piece of driftwood, or use masking tape to create patterns

Voila: a beautiful and functional DIY jewelry stand!

Why not try making this gorgeous dip dye tassels chandelier?

DIY room decor – tassel chandalier

You will need:


Step 1: Take a flat, rectangular object (we used a photo frame) and wrap the white yarn around it around 60 times:

Step 2: Cut a small piece of the same yarn and tie it like so:

Step 3: Cut the ends of the wrapped yarn free:

Step 4: This is what your yarn should look like at this stage:

Step 5: Now, tie another piece of yarn a little bit further down from the top, to complete your tassel:

Step 6: Repeat the process until you get enough tassels. Depending on the size of the hoops you are planning to use, you might need up to 100!

Step 7: Once you have completed your tassels, you can start the dip dye process. Pour some liquid fabric dye in a bowl, and carefully submurge half of each tassel into it:

Step 8: Leave aside until completely dry:

Step 8 (optional): If you like, you can spray paint the wooden (metal) hoops in gold:

Step 9: Tie the tassels to the hoops, as close to each other as possible:

Step 11:Tie the three hoops loosely together using yarn, making sure that the smallest is on top, and the biggest – at the bottom. Then attach the four chain pieces to the uppermost hoop:

Step 12: Finally, hang the finished chandelier on the ceiling, and add a lightbulb:

Your chandelier is complete!

And for those of you who simply can’t get enough pumpkin crafts – here is another one!

Pumpkin vase – perfect autumn decor

What you’ll need:


Cut a hole on top of the Papier-mâché pumpkin, using a box knife:

Take the florist sponge and place it on top of the hole:

Shape the florist sponge with the box knife, so it fits in the hole on top of the pumpkin:

Take a faux green plant, and wrap some thin metal wire around its stem:

A closer look at the process:

Pin the wire-wrapped stalk of the faux plant on the florist sponge:

Repeat this process with other plastic plants:

Add the faux roses:

Continue until the entire surface of the sponge is hidden by plastic plants. Isn’t it beautiful?

Cute DIY decor ideas

Our next tutorial is for those who would like to decorate their home with plants, but don’t want the hustle of watering them. Get ready for a quirky and fun project!

What you’ll need:


Using the pen, draw a few different leaf shapes on the sheet of white paper:

Trace each leaf shape several times on a sheet of green card:

Carefully cut them out with the scissors:

Next, cut the brown card into multiple, even strips:

Take the ceramic pot and, using the permanent blue marker, draw some patterns on it:

Crumple the brown strips of paper and put them inside the pot – this will be the “soil” for your “plant”:

Then, cut several strips of wire and stick them into the pot. Shape them a little so they look like plant stalks:

Finally, stick the leaf-shaped cutouts on the wire. Your new DIY room decor is ready!

We have chosen something truly special for our last DIY room decor tutorial – a gorgeous framed artwork made of photos and pressed flowers

Framed pressed flowers

What you will need:


Take the glass out of the frame and, using the pliers, carefully arrange the pressed plants, and a photo of your choice, on top of it. Apply tiny strips of masking tape to keep everything in place.

Once done, carefully place the glass back in the frame.

Try pressing different flowers for truly unique and beautiful results!

A charming collage, featuring a pressed flower, a fern leaf, and paper doily

Roses can be pressed too…

…and transformed into lovely pieces of DIY room decor!

And let’s not forget the little ones:

We all love swings!

What do you think about his expanding foam mirror frame?

Faux flower lamp shades – original and chic!

We love these hanging planters!

A creative DIY photo board

DIY Room Decor – make boring chairs fun in just a few steps!

How cool is this industrial style DIY nightstand?

Amazing origami butterfly DIY room decor!

And here is a clever and fun idea for Christmas:

Make your own donut chair

Transform old drawers into DIY room decor!