Make your own creepy Necronomicon grimoire from Evil Dead

You don't have to make a deal with the devil to have H.P. Lovecraft's infamous fictional grimoire,Necronomicon, in your home library.

If you have the right supplies, you can make your own copy, and get to keep your soul intact.

On the latest episode of the show "DIY Prop Shop" on media companyBreak's YouTube channel, do-it-yourself guest host Dylan Thomas showsviewers how toconstruct a version of the Necronomicon as seen in the 1981 film "Evil Dead"for less than $33 (about £22, AU $47) using such simple materials asspray paint, a used hardbound book, headliner foam, parchment paper andliquid latex (or plastic clean wrap, if you want to go even cheaper).

Make your own creepy Necronomicon grimoire from Evil Dead

The video also links tocreepy images of what's inside the Necronomicon so you can print out (or you can draw directly onto the parchmentpaper). You can also distress the pages by crumbling them up, layingthem flat again and then carefully lighting the edges of the paper on fire.Be sure to extinguish the flame quickly with a wet paper towel or elseyour Necronomicon will be destroyed before it has a chance to destroyyou.

The first mention of the mysterious book was in 1924, in Lovecraft's short story "The Hound." The book was used to summon the Old Ones, including Cthulhu.The idea of the book was so popular that many other authors cited the Necronomicon in their works, which then led to fans thinking the book existed in real life.

The cool thing about this "DIY Prop Shop" project is that when you cover your book with the headliner foam, you can carve a face into your Necronomicon. Make it look like your Necronomicon is in pain just like the one from "Evil Dead" or better yet, give it a happy face like it's happy to see you.

After applying the layers of dried liquid latex or the cling wrap to the book, spray paint your Necronomicon brown and allow it to dry. Go back with acrylic paints to add some finishing touches and give your face some depth.

Though the video doesn't mention any other details to personalize your Necronomicon, may I suggest adding glitter or perhaps some big googly eyes?There are no rules on how your Necronomicon needs to look.

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