MCN Environmental offering hazardous waste event

“Some of these items can be linked to certain types of cancers, sometimes we don’t know the full effects until years later.” – MCN Environmental Specialist Kristy Lawson

Morgan Taylor/Reporter

OKMULGEE, Oklahoma – The Muscogee (Creek) Nation Office of Environmental Services is offering an event for Muscogee (Creek) citizens and Okmulgee area residents.

Muscogee (Creek) citizens with a citizenship card and Okmulgee County residents with proof of residency are eligible to participate in the event.

The Curbside Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event will be held Oct. 28 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the MCN Recycle Center, located at 12675 Gun Club Road in Okmulgee.

MCN Environmental Services will accept automotive products, paint products, household chemicals and lawn care chemicals during this drive-thru event.

“We are asking people to stay in their car to make the process smoother,” MCN Environmental Specialist Kristy Lawson said.

According to Lawson, disposing of these products incorrectly can be harmful for the environment.

“The items that we accept at the event are often thrown away which causes a lot of problems for our water and soil health,” Lawson said. “These products contain chemicals and pollutants we want to keep out of our water, land and farming areas.”

MCN Environmental offering hazardous waste event

Lawson said chemicals could expire overtime and break down the plastic containing them.

She explained chemicals can contain cancer-causing or disease-causing agents such as the commonly known issue with RoundUp, a weed killer that has been directly linked to cancer.

“Some of these items can be linked to certain types of cancers,” Lawson said. “Sometimes we don’t know the full effects until years later.”

The department has partnered with Basin Disposal Transfer out of Norman for the proper disposal of chemicals.

Lawson claimed the company is certified in the handling, transfer, and disposal of these types of chemicals.

The department is asking participants to only bring approved items and is limited to only accepting chemical products and hazardous waste.

Approved items include automotive products such as antifreeze, fluids, motor oil, oil filters, gasoline, polish and waxes, and paint products such as oil-based, latex and spray paints, caulk, wood preservative, wood stain, paint thinners and paint strippers. Battery acid will not be accepted.

Lawson said participants should open the latex paint and let dry for easy disposal.

Other household chemicals accepted for the event include toilet bowl cleaner, shower/tile cleaner, carpet cleaner, rust remover and more.

Lawn care chemicals that will be accepted are bug repellent, fertilizers, flea & tick repellent, fumigators, herbicides, insecticides, mosquito fogger, pesticides, rodenticides, stumpremover.MCN Environmental Services will not accept the following items: Electronic waste such as answering machines, calculators, cameras, CD/DVD players, cell phones, pagers, holiday lights, modems, monitors, printers, radios, scanners, microwaves, etc. , or miscellaneous items such as all batteries, ballasts, florescent bulbs, cooking oil and grease, Freon cylinders, home fire extinguishers, mercury thermometers and thermostats, nail polish, aerosols, unused ammunition and unused fireworks.

For further information, contact MCN Environmental Services at: 918-549-2885.