Officer charged in Rio robbery faces federal charges in 2 other casino heists

A Las Vegas police officer charged with robbing the Rio is now facing federal charges stemming from two more armed heists at the Red Rock and Aliante resorts.

Las Vegas police said Caleb Rogers, 33, was arrested Feb. 27 in possession of more than $78,000 in cash he stole from the Rio during an armed robbery at the casino’s sportsbook. Now, according to documents filed in federal court late last week, Rogers has also charged by federal prosecutors with interference with commerce by robbery and brandishing a firearm in relation to a crime of violence.

Federal prosecutors said in court records that the new charges stem from not only the robbery at the Rio but also a Nov. 12 heist at the Red Rock Resort and a Jan. 6 robbery at the Aliante Hotel.

“In each of the robberies, the modus operandi was essentially the same,” an FBI agent wrote in a probable cause affidavit contained within a criminal complaint. “Additionally, although Rogers appeared to wear somewhat different items of clothing during each robbery, the style of clothing was consistent across all three robberies. Rogers also wore black latex gloves during each of the three robberies.”

The FBI said the first robbery took place at 3:38 a.m. on Nov. 12 at the Red Rock, 11011 W. Charleston Blvd.

“Rogers arrived at the location in a pick-up truck-style vehicle that had been covered with what appeared to be trash bags but showing some areas of orange paint,” the FBI said. “Rogers parked near the East pool entrance and entered the casino wearing dark colored clothing, a full face mask and black latex gloves.”

The FBI said Rogers walked directly to the casino’s cashier cage and demanded money. The cashier then handed over $73,810. Rogers placed the money into a bag concealed inside his jacket, then left the casino back through the East pool entrance.

When examining video surveillance of the robbery, the FBI said they noticed the robber walked with a unique gait where “his left leg kicked forward,” the FBI said.

Officer charged in Rio robbery faces federal charges in 2 other casino heists

On Jan. 6, the robber struck again at the Aliante, 7300 Aliante Parkway. This time, authorities said, he drove a white Volkswagen, parking it in a handicapped parking space close to a casino entrance.

The FBI said the robber approached the casino cage, acted like he had a handgun and demanded money, prompting a cashier to hand over $11,500.

“A review of video surveillance showed Rogers walked with the same unique gait as he had during the Red Rock Casino robbery, kicking out his left foot and leg as he walked through the parking lot and casino,” the FBI said. “Rogers again appeared to have trouble running because of a problem with his leg.”

In the robbery at the Rio, 3700 W. Flamingo Road at South Valley View Boulevard, Las Vegas police said in an arrest report that Rogers approached two employees at the property’s sportsbook, yelling “Get away from the money. I’ve got a gun. I will shoot you!” He then shoved a female employee to the ground as he said, “This isn’t your money. It’s not worth losing your life over it.”

Rio security chased after Rogers, police said, tackling him in a driveway as he was running to a parking garage. There, a security officer grabbed Rogers’ gun to stop him from firing a round, according to the report. Other security officers joined in the struggle, and security pried the gun from Rogers’ hand. Rogers was wearing body armor and identified himself to police as a Las Vegas officer at the time of his arrest.

“As shown in the security video recordings, Rogers walked with the same unique gait he had displayed during the Red Rock Resort and Casino and Aliante … robberies, kicking out his left foot and leg as he walked through the parking garage and casino,” the FBI said.

Rogers was charged by Clark County prosecutors with four felonies in the hold-up at the Rio.

The FBI agent said the revolver used in the Rio robbery was a Las Vegas police-issued Ruger revolver. The serial number on the gun was covered with a yellow sticker.

Rogers ultimately invoked his right to an attorney during questioning, but the FBI said he did make a statement that was of interest to investigators.

“A Metro detective asked Rogers whether there was anything that could have been done to prevent the robberies from happening,” the FBI agent said. “Rogers responded ‘Nothing.’ ”