Paint spill in Petaluma creek prompts safety alert

Petaluma officials warned residents of health and safety concerns after paint was spilled into Lynch Creek Thursday afternoon.

A house painter dumped white latex paint into a storm sewer early Thursday afternoon, which then traveled into Lynch Creek south of the bridge at Sonoma Mountain Parkway between Monroe Street and Castle Drive, according to a post on the city website.

Paint spill in Petaluma creek prompts safety alert

City workers cleaned the sewer system and reported the spill to the California Office of Emergency Services for further investigation.

The city is working with the State, which has jurisdiction over the creek, to determine the next steps in addressing the spill.

City officials warned, due to safety concerns, residents should not use the creek for swimming, fishing or drinking, and should make sure pets also stay clear of the waterway.

Amelia Parreira is a staff writer for the Argus-Courier. She can be reached at or 707-521-5208.