Paint suppliers experiencing shortage of paint, pandemic is not the only reasons

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Paint supplies are yet another shortage stemming from COVID-19, however the pandemic is not just the only reason.

Paint suppliers and paint contractors say there are many reasons behind this shortage.

The paint supplier, Sherwin-Williams said in a statement,

“In an already-challenged supply chain due to COVID-19, the February natural disaster in Texas further impacted the complex petrochemical network causing significant disruptions. These production disruptions, coupled with surging architectural and industrial demand, have pressed supply and rapidly driven commodity prices upward,” said Julie Young, Sherwin-Williams, vice president of global corporate communications.

Another paint supplier, PPG also said the winter storms in Texas impacted their supply.

“A number of global suppliers have been impacted by the weather events in February and subsequent loss of energy supplies in Texas and other southern U.S. states. As a result of these global supply chain disruptions, we continue to actively secure raw material supply and minimize the impact to our customers. At the same time, there has been a significant increase in demand in some markets we supply due to increased consumer demand for our paint products for residential renovations,” said Greta Edgar, PPG, communications manager.

Amarillo Paint and Supply manager, Logan Schuler, said they cannot get the raw materials into the country.

“We can’t get raw materials in and then they can’t unload it in time off the ships and then when they get to the chemical factories to make the resins and all that the factories are still down, they can’t make the resins and then they get the resins made and they go to the paint factories to make the paint and of course there is a higher demand for paint this year, so it’s just a perfect storm of why they can’t get paint and all that,” said Schuler.

He said last year there was a high demand for paint and it was projected to decline this year, however it did the opposite, it increased.

Paint suppliers experiencing shortage of paint, pandemic is not the only reasons

Schuler said the supplies being most affected are commercial and industrial supplies, he mentions they still have plenty of interior wall paints.

An Amarillo residential and commercial painting contractor, Reno Painting, said they have never had to worry about paint like this before.

“Historically, painters walk in the paint store, we order the stuff the same exact day no problem, no worries, they always have what we need over this past year it has progressively got worse to where we we’re ordering a month out in advance or further,” said Devin Barnett.

He said they have had to change their entire system around due to this shortage.

“We’re doing eighty projects a month and when you can go from not having to every worry materials, literally we never worried about materials unless it was a specialty thing to now every single job is a concern to get set behind, the logistics of scheduling, I’ve had to create new systems, we’re ordering way in advance, that means we’re taking deposits up front where we never did before , but now we’re having to get colors finalized and order way ahead,” said Barnett.

He said they have gotten ahead of all their projects to make sure they do not run into any issues.

Another paint supplier, Sherwin-Williams said the shortage is slowly starting to recover.

“Recovery has been significant in recent weeks and is improving, but is still far from complete. The pace at which capacity comes back online and supply becomes more robust remains uncertain. We have been highly proactive in managing the supply chain disruptions to minimize the impact on our customers,” said Young.

Amarillo Paint and Supply said the shortage was projected to get better in the Fall, but now the projections are saying not until the spring.

The manager also encourages the community to support local businesses.

“We’ll be able to make you paints it just might not be the certain one you want, you know we have several different trim paints, you know it may not be our most advanced, one of our biggest top sellers, we can’t get any of that right now, there is a special resin in that that they just can’t make but we’ll have something to make it in to get your projects done,” said Schuler.

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