Spring Hill Paint Can Disposal Rules and Tips

The City of Spring Hill reminds residents that it is never okay to put paint (or any liquidmaterial) in the curbside recycling or garbage. Several recent incidents of citizens putting paint cans out for Waste Management to pick up have resulted in the ASL arm on the truck (which picks up the carts) knocking over the paint, resulting in spilling it all over the road.

Here are a few rules to follow regarding the disposal of paint cans:

Spring Hill Paint Can Disposal Rules and Tips

Latex paint.Empty or dried up latex paint cans with the lids off can go into the garbage carts because latex paint is not hazardous. If there is an inch or less of paint in the can, remove the lid and let the paint dry out. If there is more than an inch of paint left, mix it with an equal part of cat litter and let it dry.

Oil based paint. Completely empty oil-based paint cans with the lids off can go into the garbage cart.

But…Cans of oil-based paint that are partially full MUST be taken to a household hazardous collection site for proper disposal. Do not put cans containing oil-based paint in your cart, dry or wet – it is flammable. Do not put oil-based paint or thinner down any drain or into the garbage.

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