Sumter County residents can dispose of hazardous waste and electronics

Sumter County will offer an amnesty collection day for disposal of household electronics and certain hazardous waste from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, March 5 at Lake Okahumpka Park, 6085 E. State Road 44 in Wildwood.

Free of charge for Sumter County residents, the amnesty collection program is a proven success. Previously, it was a bi-annual event; but due to increasing popularity, the county has increased to quarterly Amnesty Days.

Items you can dispose of include:

• automotive fluids and batteries,• cleaners,• fertilizers,• fluorescent lamps and bulbs as well as other mercury-containing devices,

Sumter County residents can dispose of hazardous waste and electronics

• gas (old gas and gas cans),• herbicides,• household electronics such as TVs, VCRs, computers),

• latex and oil-based paints,• paint removers and thinners,• pesticides,• pool chemicals,• propane tanks (up to 25 lbs.)• rechargeable batteries,• smoke detectors,• solvents, and

• wood preservatives.

Sumter County residents are advised that proper packaging and transportation of these materials include not mixing chemicals together; keeping products in original labeled containers, if possible; placing containers into cardboard boxes to prevent breakage; placing leaky containers in a clear plastic bag and transporting in a box with newspaper; and putting boxes in the trunk or in back of the vehicle away from passengers and pets.

What can’t you bring?

• Biological and infectious waste• Explosives• Radioactive waste• Empty paint containers (they can be tossed in your regular garbage)

• Tires.