UPDATE: Amber Alert Canceled, 6-year-old Found Safe in Philadelphia

UPDATE (8:30 am Wednesday, December 8): The Pennsylvania State Police have canceled an Amber Alert that they issued for a missing 6-year-old girl earlier this morning.

UPDATE: Amber Alert Canceled, 6-year-old Found Safe in Philadelphia

They say the girl has been found safe, but no other details were immediately available.

The alert had been issued after the 6-year-old girl was taken inside a car that was stolen outside of a pizza shop in the Germantown neighborhood of Philadelphia around 9 p.m. Tuesday night (December 8).

The girl's mother reportedly told police she left the car running when she ran into the restaurant to pick up food. That's when the car was stolen.

"We believe this car was stolen as an opportunity because the engine was running, the door was unlocked," Philadelphia's Police Chief Inspector Scott Small told media last night. "The individual who stole the car may not have known there was a 6-year-old child - so hopefully he abandons the car."

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