Warning over eight household items you should never keep in your loft

Warning over eight household items you should never keep in your loft

Lofts are easily one of the most important parts of the house for storing items that we don't use all the time.

The extra space in the home can help people tidy up and declutter without having to chuck things out.

And it's very common for people to use the loft to store away Christmas decorations, old furniture and clothes that they can't bare to part with.

But some household items should not be packed away in the loft - because it is dangerous or they may get damaged, amongst other reasons.

The Liverpool Echo spoke to Joyce French, cleaning expert at HomeHow, who outlines the things you should never store in the loft.

Got an old cassette player or Gameboy gathering dust in the attic?

Everyone has outdated electronics that they just can’t let go of. However, old electronics can still overheat in the loft.

The circuitry can blow and ruin your item forever - so it’s best to keep beloved electronics in a cooler environment downstairs, take them to a recycling centre, or sell them online.

As our Christmas decorations come down and the New Year begins, it is time to store away your holiday décor.

But next year's festive season could be a lot less merry if you keep the decorations in the loft.

Delicate fabrics, items that are painted, and special plastic ornaments may warp in the heat and are prone to damage in a humid environment, like the attic.

Instead, store holiday decorations in a large plastic container box in a cool environment, such as the garage.

Maybe you've inherited antique wooden furniture and it's not quite your style, but you don't want to throw it away.

Warning over eight household items you should never keep in your loft

It may be tempting to store it in the loft, but you shouldn't - as wood can warp in the damp, crack in the heat, and grow mould in humid conditions.

Wood also tends to attract woodworm, which can eat away at wood furniture.

After doing up the house, you may have leftover paint, but oil-based paints can heat up to hazardous, combustible levels if stored in a hot roofspace.

They are highly flammable, so should be kept in a temperature-controlled spot, like a spare cabinet.

The dramatic temperature fluctuations can break down latex paint too, making it unusable.

Many of us keep important documents, such as birth certificates and passports, together in one place.

But the loft is one of the worst places to keep these, as they don't hold up well with temperature fluctuations.

Your important documents will begin to fade, get damp, dusty or stick together as time goes on.

Invest in a storage drawer unit for documents you need and bring them downstairs.

Much for the same reason as above, photographs shouldn't be stored in the roof space if they are not properly protected in a box.

This is due to the risk of them fading, getting damp or dusty.

If you’re storing things in cardboard boxes in your attic, it may be time to reconsider.

Pests like mice and bugs are attracted to cardboard and glue, feeding off it and making it their home for breeding.

Cardboard boxes also tend to become damp and disintegrate over time, potentially damaging the precious items inside.

Some lofts can reach temps high enough in the summer to cook canned goods, so foods that are safe enough to store away for a long time shouldn’t be kept here.

As well as this, unsuitable warm temperatures can spoil expensive wines.

Pests such as mice and rats thrive in a humid attic environment, and can also contaminate and chew through food items.

Instead, store perishables and wine in a cool, dry place so they are safe for consumption after a long term.

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