Douglass Blinds and Security Screens


Style and practicality: Thermalite plantation shutters are an Australian product with several benefits, and yours will be made here in Goulburn. All photos supplied.

There are quite a number of ways you can make your windows a bit less vulnerable to the intrusion of heat, light or human.

Among them are security screens, roller shutters, Thermalite plantation shutters, roller blinds, Roman blinds, panel blinds, Venetian blinds, vertical blinds, honeycomb blinds, Veri Shade blinds, and awnings.

One popular solution that is also proudly being manufactured here in Goulburn is the Thermalite plantation shutters.

Trent Douglass from local family business Douglass Blinds and Security Screens says they can custom make them in 15 working days and they have multiple beneficial features.

"Thermalite insulates three times better than timber. It is also flame retardant, water resistant, termite proof, you just clean them with soapy water, and they have a 25 year warranty," Trent says.

The elliptical louvres range in width from 64 to 90 mm, and this style can be installed to the inside or the outside of the window or doorway, depending on what you need.

You can order them one or two rooms at a time if you need to, and Trent says that once people pick a style of window covering they like - be it the Thermalite or something else - they tend to go with it throughout the home so it all matches.

Douglass Blinds and Security Screens

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Douglass Blinds and Security Screens

Roller shutters: These are also made in Australia. Trent says some people put these on a specific room to reflect noise and heat during the day.

Another option for the outside of a window is a roller shutter. Trent says that in a domestic setting people tend to put them on a selected room, such as a shift worker having them on the bedroom. "It cuts down noise, keeps the room dark, and it also keeps heat out," he illustrates.

Motorised and available in a large selection of colours, these too are made in Australia with a 15 working day turnaround time.

Another Aussie-made product gaining popularity is the Veri Shades. They describe themselves as the clever curtain.

"It's like a vertical blind, but when it opens it looks like a sheer curtain," says Trent. "They're easy to operate, soft and silent, and there is an extensive range of fabrics that you can pick from."

They're not chained at the bottom, so if they're on a doorway you can walk through them regardless of whether they are open or closed.

Crimsafe: Known for door security, Crimsafe products can also be put on windows with the added bonus of blocking out half the sun without obscuring your view.

Crimsafe products meanwhile, are usually thought of for their security benefits, but there are other reasons to have them as well.

"They are energy efficient. It blocks up to 53 per cent of solar heat and 62 per cent of solar rays. It limits the heat escaping the room during cold weather, and it doesn't block your view at all," Trent says.

He also pointed out they offer you insect protection, hail protection, fire protection, and on an upper level they will prevent anyone from leaning or climbing out and falling from a height.