Fairy doors open up a world of whimsy

It's a kind of magic.

A Dunedin woman’s lockdown boredom buster may appear to be away with the fairies, but her cute apparitions have turned into a small business enterprise.

The fairy door creator, who did not want to be identified, said she began making tiny fairy doors during this year’s lockdown as a way to brighten up daily Level 4 walks.

Fairy doors open up a world of whimsy

"Lockdown gets really dull, you know. It was like the teddy bears in the windows," she said.

She would make the doors from art clay and stick them to various gutters and walls around the city as she went for her daily strolls.

The pastime had continued post-lockdown and she estimated there were now more than 30 doors scattered around the city, from the beach suburbs through the central town and north to North East Valley.

The response to pictures posted regularly on social media had been amazing and she had seen people taking photos with the doors when she had gone past.

Children had even decorated some, leaving coloured rocks outside for the fairies.

The pastime had lately turned into a minor money-spinner, as people started ordering doors, including as Christmas gifts and to put up around rest-homes.