Gogglebox star's boyfriend on life support machine after being hit by car

RESIDENTS of a "nightmare" block of flats have stuck bubble wrap around the windows to try and keep the cold out - and say "no one gives a s***" because they're poor.

Locals living in Pendleton flats in Salford were left "dreading" Christmas after Grenfell-style cladding was removed in September 2020 and never replaced.

More than 700 people live in the block. They say the cladding kept the chill out - and now freezing draughts whip through their homes, making it as bitter inside as it is outside.

Lynne Broughton, who has been living in her flat in Thorn Court for 40 years, told the Manchester Evening News: "It's cold. No matter how much you put the heating on it's freezing.

"I have to put blankets around my legs. I was dreading this Christmas. We have get through another winter."

She said before the changes to the outside of the building, her home would be "as warm as toast" within 30 minutes when she switched the heating on.

However, it's now "like being outside" - even though she tries to keep it warm all the time.

Lynne bought thick curtains and keeps her blinds down in an effort to conserve the heat.


She even put bubble wrap below her windows in a desperate attempt to stay warm.


But wind and rain leak in through the frames anyway.

"Ours is p***ing with rain and it's freezing," Lynne said.

"If there was plenty of houses I think I would have moved out. It's two years down now. We're still in the cold. Who's to say we'll get the cladding later this year?

"They should have never have done what they did.

"If you don't live in these blocks you don't know what it's like. They don't give a s***, we're the poor people."

Gogglebox star's boyfriend on life support machine after being hit by car

Residents were initially told the cladding would be replaced by 2022 - but Private Finance Initiative contractor Pendleton Together, which manages the council homes, says it'll now be 2024.

One single mum-of-three told the publication she hasn't been able to turn her heating on for "well over a year" as she can't afford it.


"I don't put the heating on at all. I sit in blankets and make the kids wrap up," she said.

The woman has a newborn, a three-year-old and a five-year-old. Her eldest has disabilities.

"He doesn't understand anything, all he wants to do is strip off," she said.

"I try to stay out of the house for as long as possible."

And resident Rachel said: "It's cold like outside.

"You spend most of your time in your bedroom because it's the warmest place, but I'd like to sit in the living room and chill out.

"It used to be dead warm but now it's freezing cold. You just have to put blankets on and keep the curtains shut and stuff like that."

I was dreading Christmas. We have to get through another winter

Pendleton Together says it's giving residents £60 every two months during the winter to help with heating costs.

A spokesperson said: "Pendleton Together understands that our residents have concerns during the programme of fire safety works and we are working with them to offer support or to direct them towards services that can offer further help.

"As part of this support Pendleton Together Operating Limited (PTOL) is providing fairly-calculated winter energy payments that mitigate the difference in electricity consumption. This will mean that no resident is left out of pocket due to this difference.

"We have received reports of water ingress in some of our properties and we have responded to these. All known issues have been or are being addressed, however residents with any new concerns should contact us immediately or book a repair via our website.

"In relation to the timeframe for replacement of cladding, within days of the tragedy at Grenfell, Pendleton Together and Salford City Council committed to removing all cladding and insulation on our nine blocks and replacing them with safe alternatives.

"Unfortunately, due to well documented issues around clarity of regulation and ability to secure funding, that affects landlords nationwide, the work has taken longer than anticipated.


"All of the cladding has now been removed and necessary preparatory works are taking place prior to the reinstatement of cladding which is expected to start on some of our blocks in the next few months."

The company has apologised for "the inconvenience and disruption".

"We have a dedicated team supporting our residents and keeping them informed and are doing our very best to put things in place to mitigate any disturbance," he said.