Mahindra Will Offer These Accessories With The XUV700

The XUV700’s accessory list will allow you to pair the base variants of the SUV with premium bits

The Mahindra XUV700 will be launched soon, and for those of you looking to buy one and accessorise it, we have a leaked document detailing all the official accessories that will be offered with the SUV. It will be available in four broad trims: MX, AX3, AX5, and AX7. Here is a look at all the options you will have:

Chrome Kit

Adding a bit of chrome is the first choice for many buyers. Mahindra is offering a chrome kit that will do so. The front bumper, rear bumper, side body and the wheel arches all get a touch of chrome.

Chrome Headlamp Applique

Mahindra is offering even more chrome to underline the headlamps of the XUV700. This can be specced on all variants of the SUV.

Chrome Window Surround

The windows of the XUV700 can have a chrome border above and beneath with this accessory. The MX, AX3, and AX5 variants get a full set, whereas the AX7, which already gets the bottom chrome finish, only gets the top part.

Chrome-finished Rain Visor

The rain visorsfrom Mahindra come with a chrome highlight, and to be honest, this might not be to everyone’s fancy. It would have been nice to have a non-chrome option. This accessory will only be available on the MX, AX3 and AX5 variants.

Mud Flaps

These are essential for stopping all the debris that tyres throw off. Mud flaps are important as they keep the underbelly of the car clean, and prevent scratches to the paint.

Side Step

Side steps add to an SUV’s looks and are also a great help in getting in and out of the car. This is especially for the elderly, as it reduces the amount of effort needed to get in and out of the car. The side step is made of aluminium.

Roof Carrier/Roof bar set

Adding a roof carrier can greatly enhance your XUV700’s luggage-carrying capacity, especially if you opt for the 7-seater version. A roof bar set can alternatively help you carry specialised cargo such as mountain bikes or a canoe. This is geared more towards buyers with an adventurous lifestyle.

Rear Bumper Protector

Mahindra is offering three different designs for the rear bumper protector. These help in keeping the bumper safe from small collisions in slow traffic and other obstacles. They are designed in such a way that they don’t hamper the working of the rear parking sensors.

Anti-theft Wheel Bolt

If you are scared of thieves taking a liking to your XUV700’s alloys, you can spec it with these bolts. One for each wheel, they require a special key for their removal, and the tyre cannot be taken off the wheel-hub without taking off this bolt.

Alloy Wheels/Hubcaps/Wheel Covers

Chances are, you want a slightly different look for your XUV700 and there is no better way than a change of alloy wheel design to do so. Mahindra is offering one 18-inch set, and two 17-inch sets as accessories. The larger 18-inch wheels can be specced on the MX, AX3 and AX5 variants whereas the 17-inch wheels can only be had on MX and AX3 variants.

Mahindra is also offering two different hubcap designs.

If you just want to cover up your steel wheels, Mahindra is also offering a wheel cover for the XUV700.

Body Covers

Body covers are quite important as they stop the paint from fading, and also protect the car from the effects of the weather. You can choose from three different covers.

Seat Covers

Seat covers are another great customisation option, as they not only change the look of the cabin, but also the texture of the seats. The seats feel more supportive and Mahindra is offering three different seat cover options. They are all made out of polyurethane material, with two being black and one white.

There is also a Comfort Kit with the seat covers that can be had additionally. This adds a cushion, neck rests, a seat belt cushion, and a steering and gear lever cover to the XUV700. It can be had in the same colour as the seat covers.

Floor Mats/Boot Mat

Mahindra Will Offer These Accessories With The XUV700

There are four different designs for floor mats. All the different types of mats can be specced with the 5- and 7-seater variants.

Additionally, Mahindra is also offering a boot mat for the 5-seater XUV700.

Illuminated Scuff Protector

Seeing the name of your car light up on the door sill every time you open the door can be quite satisfying, and the XUV700 comes with three different design sets. All of them have the ‘XUV700’ inscription.

Pedal Covers

Metallic pedal covers with rubber grips offer a great feel while driving. The XUV700 will be offered with two different types: Line Design and Hex Design.

These add different textured grips to the metal surface, and are individually designed for manual and automatic configurations.

Fog Lamp

If you go for the base MX variant and miss out on fog lamps, the accessories brochure will come to your rescue. These can be added as an accessory, however, it doesn’t offer all the functionality of the fog lamps seen on the higher spec variants of the XUV700.

Puddle Lamps

The puddle lamps can be fitted onto all the variants of the XUV700 and they simply project ‘XUV700’ on the ground. A neat little feature that can boost the appeal of the lower variants as well.

LED Headlamp Bulb

The base MX and the AX3 variants can be specced with LED headlights, instead of the regular halogen bulbs. These LED bulbs emit 6000K light, which is pretty much white in colour. Besides, these are said to be 160 percent brighter than the regular halogen bulbs.

Auto Headlight Kit

This is a great feature for everyday driving. The MX, AX3 and AX5 variants can be equipped with the auto headlight kit that can detect the light conditions outside, and automatically switch the headlights on or off.

Shark Fin Antenna

The shark fin antenna can be had in four different colours and is available to spec on the base MX variant of the XUV700.

Reversing Camera

The reversing camera of the XUV700 is of quite high quality, but it is only available on the top-spec AX7 variant. However, you can add this feature to the lower variants in the form of an accessory. The feed is relayed onto the infotainment screen.

Wireless Smartphone Charger

The wireless smartphone charger can be specced as an accessory on the MX, AX3, AX5 and AX7 C variants. What that means is that AX7 L and AX7 T will get it as standard. Please note that L, T, and C are optional packs.

Sun shades

Manual sun shades can be placed on the windows of all the variants of the XUV700.

Infotainment Screen Protector

The XUV700 houses an excellent infotainment system, which means you will use it often. To keep it safe from scratches, Mahindra is offering a 0.3mm transparent film that will serve as a protector. It’s just like a screen guard for your smartphone.

Retractable Luggage Cover

The XUV700 can also be specced with a retractable luggage cover. This accessory can be installed on all variants. However, the 7-seater variants will have to fold down the third-row seats.

Bug Deflector

These keep insects off the windscreen at higher speeds, and also add to the rugged look of an SUV. It can be specced on all variants of the XUV700.

Bumper Corner Protector

How many times do you find yourself in tight situations on Indian roads? Bumper protectors are a great way to protect your vehicle against unforeseeable small accidents. Mahindra will offer them in a chrome finish for the XUV700.

Tailgate Scuff Protector

If you want to add protection to your XUV700’s boot-lip, you can add this tailgate scuff protector which is available for all variants of the XUV700.

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